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Asked: 2 years ago

How do you make a bed?

I have searched for this but i cant find anwsers please help

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From: rossmacdaddy 2 years ago

Crafting Table:

[empty ] [empty] [empty]
[ wool ] [ wool ] [ wool ]
[planks] [planks] [planks]

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These are four rows of three on the crafting rable like this
wool wool wool
wood plank wood plank wood plank(any kind of plank.
and those wool and wood are the bottom two rows

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Making a bed is simple
Requirments: Crafting Table,3 Wooden Planks and 3 Wool

Creafting table

1st row-EMPTY l
---------------------- Like that :3 Not Like this l (Up)
2nd Row-3 pieces of Wool
3rd Row-3 Pieces of wooden planks

Where to get this Items:
Wool- Kill a sheep or use Shears
Wooden Planks-Turn Your wood to planks

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