Question from Aswome2

Asked: 2 years ago

Why does the game not let me change my skin?

I made my own skin, i like it and i want to use it , but the game isnt letting me, im using sphax texture pach, its patched, and using tmi mod and the mini mad mod, no matter how much i try, i cant change my skin ,please help me.

Additional details - 2 years ago

It ok, its fixed, and i do have full paied mc.

Accepted Answer

From: nicknack125 2 years ago

You must have a full, paid, minecraft gold account in order to change your skin. If you do, go to the website, login, click profile, and under "change skin" click browse files and select the skin file you made. If you don't have a paid minecraft, the only way to change your in-game skin is to install a mod which does so for you.

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What are you doing to change it?

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