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Asked: 2 years ago

Console commands or file tweaking for longer days?

In Minecraft is there any console commands or some file tweaking I can do to make days a little longer in the game?

Please and thank you :)

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In vanilla minecraft, I don't think there is a method. The best I can say is to make use of a bed, or maybe /time set ####.

A few mods seem to have more what you want, mostly Equivalent Exchange's watch of flowing time (though all EE stuff is endgame shenanigans). The Dust mod has a few time-altering runes available, and Aether mod has perma-day above the coulds.

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Nintendude128 is correct, there is no way to EXTEND the days in vanilla Minecraft, but you can change the time using cheats, or if you just have problems with the monsters, use peaceful mode, or play on the mushroom island

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