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Asked: 2 years ago

A friend of mine transferred minecraft from his computer to mine with a flash drive. How did he do that?

I have two accounts, one of which had minecraft on it at this given time. The new account had no such game. So when my friend transferred the game, I could use it with no problem at all. I want to know how he did it.

Additional details - 2 years ago

Sorry, I forgot to mention it was windows.

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Windows or Mac?

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I just did this just over an hour ago, follow my directions EXACTLY, unless of course I make a stupid oversight.
-turn on your computer and log in
-insert your flash drive
-open up start and click on the button that says run
-type in (without the quotations) "%appdata%"
this should open a window that says at the top "application data"
-click on start again
-go to "my computer"
-double click on your flash drive
-go back to the first window we opened
-RIGHT click on the .MInecraft folder
*-click copy NOT copy shortcut
*-go to your flash drive window
*-RIGHT click on the background of the WINDOW
*-click on paste NOT paste shortcut
-then go to start and click on search
-type in Minecraft (make sure you search ALL files INCLUDING hidden ones
-RIGHT click on the minecraft icon (it should have at least 100kb on it
-repeat steps 9-12 (marked by *s) but for the shortcut
-Safely eject the flash drive

after these steps you will go to the other computer/account, go to application data, and paste the .minecraft then go to the desktop and paste the shortcut to minecraft

final step-Enjoy!

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