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Open Questions

Enemy/Boss Help status answers
How do I beat The Ender Dragon? Open 7
Plot/Storyline Help status answers
How to make a good mod pack? Open 1
Technical Help status answers
1.32 Seeds? Open 1
Black screen of doom? Open 2
Can't connect with LAN? Open 1
Can't download snapshot? Open 1
Conflicting recipes? Open 1
Could someone please give me an ip adress? Open 13
Default Map map? Open 1
Do I have to keep my computer on to keep a server running? Open 3
Graphics issues with 1.8? Open 2
Help with Lan? Open 1
Help!! server question? Open 2
How can i fix a good laptop that runs slow? Open 3
How do I connect to a Beta server?!?! Open 2
How do i make it 3rd person on a mac? Open 7
How do i make sphax texture pack work with the newest version of tekkit on the technic launcher? Open 1
How do you create a private server? Open 3
I can't buy minecraft!? Open 5
I can't play the game cause I have "bad video card drivers", Why? Open 3
I can't seem to run any previous saves on MineCraft Classic using a Mac... Help? Open 3
I need to create a new world in order to play with the 1,9 updates? Open 3
Is there a "No spiders" mod? Open 3
It keeps giving me the script "hs_err_pid9144" when ever I login. Do you know why? Open 1
Keep on getting low fps with good computer? Open 1
Minecraft 1.7.3 blackscreen? Open 7
Minecraft doesn't show up? Open 2
Minecraft force update button help? Open 3
Minecraft Mo' creatures mod crashing my minecraft, please help? Open 1
Minecraft wont update? Open 3
Minecraft.jar? Open 2
Multiplayer help? Open 1
Multiplayer on Pocket Edition? Open 4
My friend lags out of the server after joining? Open 1
My Minecraft always does it? Open 5
Save file help? Open 1
Server wont work plz help? Open 1
Slow ??? Open 6
Sound files missing!? Open 2
The End issue, stuck? Open 3
The game wont play? Open 2
What is the best laptop/cp for Minecraft? Open 1
Where can I get my hands on an alpha 1.2.3_4 server? Open 1
Why does it say minecraft crashed when i try to craft more than....? Open 1
Why does minecraft keep restarting my computer? Open 2
Why does the game keep crashing when I load singleplayer? Open 2
Why does the game keep freezing after i have a 30 word chat message? Open 2
Why does the game keep freezing on me when I start it up? Open 1
Why does the game keep freezing? Open 1
Why does the game keep not running? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me "Fatal Error (4) null"? Open 2
Why does the game keep telling me Connection refused: Connect? Open 1
Why does WinRAR keep telling me minecraft is corrupted? Open 1
Why doesn't Minecraft want to load? Open 1
Why is it not running properly? Open 2
Why is it so laggy and slow? Open 9
Why it doesnt work? Open 1
Why wont my server won't work? Open 1
Other Help status answers
A friend of mine transferred minecraft from his computer to mine with a flash drive. How did he do that? Open 2
Can any one help me my f keys dont work for minecraft? Open 3
can I download minecraft full version for free? Open 1
Can I find Herobrine in BETA Version .30? Open 4
Can i hack you into little pieces? Open 2
Can I join anyones server? Open 3
Can someone help me with my pet? Open 2
Can you buy it in Canada? Open 2
Can you guys give me some awesome seeds? Open 6
Cant Buy Minecraft? Open 2
Cheats? Open 4
Console commands or file tweaking for longer days? Open 2
Does anybody have minecraft beta servers where you can use it anywhere? Open 1
Does anybody have servers? Open 6
Does not compute? Open 1
Eyes of HeroBrine? (read first) Open 3
Fun mod? Open 4
Good Mapper? Open 1
Good minimap mods? Open 1
Guilds? Open 2
Hearing wierd sounds in minecraft, what is it? Open 1
How can I buy MineCraft? Open 4
How can I find other players? Open 2
How do i create my own texture pack in minecraft and how do i install it? Open 1
How do I do it? Open 1
how do i get modS? Open 6
how do i get the achievement "The End?" Open 1
How do I go back to a previous minecraft version? Open 2
How do i install forge and modloader for minecraft 1.5? (for a windows computer) Open 1
How do I keep a stair block on this building I'm building from curving with a stair block on a building I already built? Open 1
How do i make a bukkit server? Open 1
How do i make a server ip so another player can join? Open 1
How do I update my daddycheese minecraft server? Open 1
How do u make a ftb server? Open 1
How do u type when u r trying to reply a question on this site? Open 2
How do you make it 3rd person in mac? Open 2
How much does Beta 1.7 cost, and how much Computer data does it use? Open 3
How to build a village and if I already built a village will it spawn villager? Open 1
I can go through bricks and don't know how to change it back? Open 1
I cant connect to my minecraft server? Open 6
I don't have the file folders in my minecraft.jar file. Why? Open 2
I purchased my game but it still wont let me download it, help? Open 2
Ideas? Open 1
If i update...? Open 4
Is invasion mod compatible with magic launcher? Open 1
Is the most recent version of minecraft 1.8 out yet? Open 1
Is their a minecraft animator/ editor? Open 2
Is there any free server host websites? Open 1
Is this a good laptop for minecraft? Open 1
Java type? Open 4
Minecraft classic Lagg? Open 5
Minecraft crashes? PLEASE READ! Open 3
Minecraft ender dragon mod? Open 3
Minecraft mods to do with mining? Open 3
Minecraft Servers for the Philippines can anyone give me? Open 5
Minecraft SMP beta map lagg? Open 4
Mob trap technical difficulties? Open 2
My house disappeared in the nether, I need to know what happened? Open 1
Need people to play minecraft?? Open 1
Pls Help me!? Open 2
Saves file? Open 1
Tired obseleted mods? Open 2
Villages in survival multiplayer? Open 2
What are the best Minecraft mods? Open 2
What do the brown squares on the map mean? Open 1
What do the point do in minecraft 1.8? Open 2
What is a good vanilla server? Open 3
What is the purpose of the multiplier ? Open 2
where can I download mods? thx Open 1
Why are my villagers disappearing? Open 1
Why can't i turn and move at the same time? Open 2
Why is my slime farm efficiency so low? Open 2
Why is my whole world flooded? Open 1
Will they still work? Open 1
World Generation Question? Open 2
Youtube, what do i do???? Open 1

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