Unanswered Questions

Item Location Help Answers
Ocelot ran away, help! What do I do? 0
HElp.... no chickens or wolves? 1
Minecraft Comes Alive Help? 1
Red matter armor glitch? 2
Redstone circuits help!? 6
Where can I find wolves? 23
Why wont my dog stand up? 3
Alchemy is Fun? 2
Automatic Cobblestone Harvester? 2
Automatic Wood farm? 1
Bed/spawn help? 1
Best way to encounter Endermen? 1
can i make A saddle ? 3
Can I make armor with cobblestone? 3
Can you place water? 2
Can't find iron? 2
Chaaarrrrrrrge? 1
Covers and Panels? 1
Crafting a Switch??? 2
Crops? 4
Divining rod? 1
Dm pedastal? 1
Don't know how to get iron? 6
Dose TNT destroy resources? 4
Dynamite cannon? 2
Dynnamittte? 1
Edge detector? 1
Ender pearls? 2
How can I get a monster spawner into my inventory? Can I change it? How? 3
How can I make some good potions? 1
How do I build a portal to the Aether? 10
How do I craft a 5x5 crafting table? 5
How do I craft shears and pistons? 5
How do i craft those swirl-ish stone bricks? 1
How do I enhance a map? 3
How do i enter a Mine-cart with a chest/furnace in it? 4
How do I get iron ore ignots/gold ignots? 2
How do i get obsidian? 2
How do I get sulphur? 1
How do i make a powered rail? 1
How do I use redstone? 4
How do I use the bucket? 1
How do I use the furnace in mincart/powered mincart? 1
How do I use the furnace? 1
How do l craft an enchantment table? 1
How do you make a bed? 4
How do you stack fences on top of each other? 1
How does the redstone comparator work? 2
How does xp work? 2
How Many types of Items are? 2
How to get glass? 2
How to make a completely new map? 1
How to make potion of explosion? 3
I drop the bomb revisited? 1
I drop the bomb? 1
I have the power? 1
Infertile Soil, but why? 5
is it tRue? 4
Is there any use for apatite or is that just another useless block Notch put into the game? 3
Logistic pipe madness? 1
Logistics pipe and technic mod? 1
Minecart track ramps? 3
Multiplexer? 1
Murcurial Eye? 1
My Stuff? 4
Need electricity? 1
Now where did i leave my uranium cells? 1
Nuclear reactor revisited? 1
Nuke? 1
Pipes and energy condenser? 1
Pipes and furnace? 3
Pistons? 1
Portal location help? 3
Portals? 1
Powered minecarts go uphill? 3
Rubber tree? 1
Scrap? 1
Snow? 7
Solar collecttor and glass? 1
Stupid pig? 5
Symbols and runes? 1
Tesla coil? 1
Tesla range? 1
THE best strategy for finding diamonds, ever? 2
Tungsten tied? 1
UU matter? 1
What block is best for mimicking the look of clouds? 1
what do I do with the music discs? 3
What exactly is "inventory edit" and how can I get it? 3
What happens when all the ore is gone? 4
What is gold used for? 5
What is the point of Lapis Lazuli? 2
Wheather control sattelitte? 1
Where can I find (Dungeons)? 4
Where can I find (large chest)? 1
Where can I find diamonds? 5
Where can I find dougen? 2
Where can I find pumpkin seeds or the plant? 1
Where can I find Redstone early on? 2
Where can I find slime? 1
Where can I find wheat and apples? 4
Where can i get coal? 4
Why am I getting so much redstone and no diamonds? 7
Why does my lava stop flowing? 3
Why I cant place a door? 3
Why won't my dog stand up? 6
Why won't my portals work right? 1
Why wont these monsters let me sleep? 6
Will dungeons spawn in a world already created world before the update on beta 1.5_01? 4
Xor gate? 1
Zero crossing detector? 1
Zombie egg is not working, help!? 1

Technical Help Answers
Any vampire mod servers? 0
Can't run Pixelmon? 0
Error trying to update? 0
Everyone is a Steve! + FPS Drop? 0
How do i change my skin for offline play? 0
How to install mods on an older version? 0
Liteloader install error "Could not find the main class"? 0
Mods for 1.8.9 servers? 0
My game won't let me play multiplayer anymore any help? 0
This isn't an error, rather a graphical issue. A black line running vertically on the left side of my screen. Any fixes? *new* 0
Updated Graphics drivers, still doesn't run, although it used to. Help? 0
Why is my creative catalog thing on the screen blue? 0
1.32 Seeds? 1
Black screen of doom? 2
brewing stand wont brew, am I doing something wrong? 1
Can I install and play Minecraft offline? 2
Can Someone Help My Lag In Minecraft? 3
Can someone make me a custom skin? 1
Can someone tell me how to download mods in a simple, brokendown way? 2
Can someone tell me why minecraft will not work? 3
Can't connect with LAN? 1
Can't download snapshot? 1
Cant download Steve skin on minecraft.net? 1
Capes? 2
Conflicting recipes? 1
Could someone please give me an ip adress? 13
Default Map map? 1
Direwolf20 Modpack is giving me bad FPS (15-20)? 1
Do I have to keep my computer on to keep a server running? 3
Glass Pane texture glitch? 1
Graphics issues with 1.8? 2
Help with Lan? 1
Help!! server question? 2
Help!?!?!?! 1
How can i fix a good laptop that runs slow? 3
How do I connect to a Beta server?!?! 2
How do i download maps? 1
how do I download mods? 5
How do I get My worlds that I made from another computer that No longer works?(Dead) 1
How Do I Get Rid of Black Bar Top/Left Minecraft?! 2
How do i make it 3rd person on a mac? 7
How do i make sphax texture pack work with the newest version of tekkit on the technic launcher? 1
How do you create a private server? 3
How to fix lag spikes in the nether? 1
I am having extreme lag and have never had anywhere near this much lag before? 1
I can't buy minecraft!? 5
I can't play the game cause I have "bad video card drivers", Why? 4
I can't seem to run any previous saves on MineCraft Classic using a Mac... Help? 3
I need to create a new world in order to play with the 1,9 updates? 3
I want to get java for my pc to play minecraft but when i install it it gives me error called (error code 2)? 1
Is there a "No spiders" mod? 4
Is this a good laptop?just for minecraft. 1
It keeps giving me the script "hs_err_pid9144" when ever I login. Do you know why? 1
Keep on getting low fps with good computer? 2
mindcraft Mac to PC World transfer ?? 1
Minecraft 1.7.3 blackscreen? 7
Minecraft crashes when ever i launch 1.8 help? 1
Minecraft doesn't show up? 2
Minecraft force update button help? 3
Minecraft Mo' creatures mod crashing my minecraft, please help? 2
Minecraft wont update? 3
Minecraft.jar? 2
Multiplayer help? 1
Multiplayer on Pocket Edition? 4
My controller does not work ? 1
My friend lags out of the server after joining? 1
My game is crashing, what should I do? 1
My Minecraft always does it? 5
My minecraft world deleted itself and how do I get it back? 1
Returned to launcher when trying to open world? 1
Save file help? 1
Server wont work plz help? 1
Slow ??? 6
Sound files missing!? 2
The End issue, stuck? 3
The game wont play? 2
What is the best laptop/cp for Minecraft? 1
What is the criteria to spawn Zombies? 2
Where can I get my hands on an alpha 1.2.3_4 server? 1
Why Can't I Move? 1
Why can't I play Minecraft offline? 1
Why can't I use multiplayer? 1
Why can't my computer seem to run minecraft? (specs listed) 1
Why does it say minecraft crashed when i try to craft more than....? 2
Why does minecraft keep restarting my computer? 3
Why does the game keep crashing when I load singleplayer? 2
Why does the game keep freezing after i have a 30 word chat message? 2
Why does the game keep freezing on me when I start it up? 1
Why does the game keep freezing? 1
Why does the game keep not running? 1
Why does the game keep telling me "Fatal Error (4) null"? 2
Why does the game keep telling me Connection refused: Connect? 1
Why does WinRAR keep telling me minecraft is corrupted? 1
Why doesn't Minecraft want to load? 1
Why is it not running properly? 2
Why is it so laggy and slow? 9
Why it doesnt work? 1
Why wont my server won't work? 1
"Can't connect to Minecraft.net"? 2
?The computer i'm using won't let me play the game! 6
A bug with 1.8.1? 2
bad video card drivers? Failed to find accelerated OpenGL mode? 3
Bad video card? 1
Blockes will no drop blockes after I break them? 3
Bro pulled out power cord to computer, world not showing up? 1
Can I clear the logs/crash reports folder? 1
Can I transfer Minecraft Alpha to a different computer? 2
Can i turn a creative mode map into a survival mode map? 11
can I? 3
Can somebody please help? 4
Can you put plugins on singleplayer servers? 1
Can't break blocks? 1
Can't use texture pack 32x32 and higher? 1
Classic won't work! Why?! 2
Computer is being weird about minecraft classic? 9
Crash problem? 3
Desk top and lap top help!? 1
Does peaceful difficulty work in multiplayer? 2
Downloading content? 4
Downloading skins? 2
Every few seconds it freezes? 2
free Cam ? 2
How can i install my mods? 3
How can I make my save file start again? 2
How can I mod a server? 3
How come the create account screen keeps telling me this? 4
How come the game is laggy on my computer? 5
How do I change the color of the sky? 3
How do I enable Console commands in Single Player? 4
How do I get my world back? 1
How do I safely delete a mod? 2
How do I update the game? 1
How do you start a multi-player Server? 1
How do you take a screenshot in single player? 4
How to set game rule in Survival? 1
How to use INVedit ? 3
How?? 2
I can but my friend can't? 1
I can't move so what do i do? 2
I keep getting "fatal error (4): s3.amazonaws.com"? 2
I want to join a server but it wont work. What is wrong!? 3
Is it possible to force a server to run a texture pack? 1
Is it true that you can only have one copy of Minecraft on one PC? 5
Is there a minecraft free trial?? 2
Java RunTime Error? 9
Min. Reqs for this? 2
MineCraft Classic won't load? 5
Minecraft Snapshot won't work? 2
Minecraft won't open after installing mods? 6
Mob spawners mayhem? 1
Mod Compatability? 1
Mod Crash? 2
Mod loader mayhem? 1
Mods not working? 1
Multiplayer Chat Problem? ~Allows Commands, but not chat~ 2
Multiplayer server issues? 2
My friend can't join my server? 5
My Game Is Corrupted when i delete Meta Inf? 1
My minecraft stops reponding after 15 minutes? 5
My nether portal crashes the program? 1
My saves on classic won't load on mac? 3
Pausing in the downloaded version? 3
Portal problem..? 4
Real game looking like? 3
Redstone On/Off swidh? 1
Server software? 1
Skins? 1
Twighlight Forest? 1
Very laggy? 2
Weather? 1
What does the graph show when you press F3? 4
What folder do I put a downloaded map in to use it? 3
When I clicked minecraft it wont open how do I fix it? 2
When I try to go on multiplayer it says im not "premium" help please? 2
Where are screenshots saved? 5
Where's my worlds? 1
Why can't I download B 1.4? 7
Why cant i change MY SKIN?! 3
Why cant i find creative mode in the beta version? 3
Why does it keep telling me I can't delete it? 1
Why does the game keep telling me "Too many failed logins?" 5
Why does the game keep telling me (bluescreen)? 5
Why does the game keep telling me Uknown host? 4
Why does the game keep telling me unable to access the game? 1
Why does the game kill my moniters? 5
Why does the game not let me change my skin? 1
Why does this game crash my computer? 7
Why does this message pop up when I try to join a multiplayer game? 1
Why doesnt minecraft run well on my pc? 5
Why don't numbers appear above animals when i press f3? 1
Why is minecraft lagging on my computer? 2
Why is Minecraft lagging on my laptop? 2
Why is my game so slow? 1
Why is my Minecraft so laggy? 2
Why is the F3 graph doing this? 1
Will this laptop run minecraft smoothly on medium settings? 1
Won't connect to Minecraft.net? 2
Wont let me purchase? 4

Other Help Answers
Are there any lucky block servers? 0
Can anyone let look this cool in 1.9? 0
Does anyone know how to fix blocks regenerating after I destroy them in Minecraft 1.10? 0
Friends to play minecraft pc with? 0
Help me Orespawn users!? 0
Help q is under? 0
How do I make a boat go up? 0
Is there a mod to disable prior work penalty? 0
Is there a target selector for armor? 0
L?ooking for survival games partner. 0
Minecraft piroites: need more ores? gliding wings 0
Piston Fence Redstone Difficulties. Help? *new* 0
Singleplayer games for minecraft pls? 0
so does anyone know a minecraft sever you can hack on THAT ACTUALY WORKS? 0
Trade? 0
Who Would Win? 0
Who Would Win? 0
(How do I play with 2 players on a ps3 while playing minecraft? 1
1.9 Snow Biome seed? 1
A friend of mine transferred minecraft from his computer to mine with a flash drive. How did he do that? 2
Anyone wanna play Minecraft? 2
Can any one help me my f keys dont work for minecraft? 3
can I download minecraft full version for free? 4
Can I find Herobrine in BETA Version .30? 5
Can i hack you into little pieces? 2
Can I join anyones server? 4
Can someone plz make me my own Minecraft skin? 1
Can you buy it in Canada? 2
Can you guys give me some awesome seeds? 6
Can't edit flower pot. Is this a bug? 1
Cant Buy Minecraft? 2
Cheats? 4
Console commands or file tweaking for longer days? 2
Default or Large Biomes for single player? 2
Does anybody have minecraft beta servers where you can use it anywhere? 1
Does anybody have servers? 6
Does anyone know any cool minecraft 1.5.2 servers with creative? 1
Does anyone want to play minecraft? 1
Does not compute? 1
Eyes of HeroBrine? (read first) 3
Fun mod? 4
Good Mapper? 1
Good minimap mods? 1
Guilds? 2
Hearing wierd sounds in minecraft, what is it? 3
Held Pressure Plate Redstone Signal? 1
Helpful Mods for Raiding on faction servers? 1
How can I buy MineCraft? 6
How can I find other players? 3
How do i create my own texture pack in minecraft and how do i install it? 1
How do I do it? 1
how do i get modS? 6
how do i get the achievement "The End?" 2
How do I get ultra red armor? 2
How do I go back to a previous minecraft version? 3
How do i install forge and modloader for minecraft 1.5? (for a windows computer) 1
How do I keep a stair block on this building I'm building from curving with a stair block on a building I already built? 1
How do i make a bukkit server? 1
How do i make a server ip so another player can join? 1
How do I update my daddycheese minecraft server? 1
How Do I Use Minefactory Chunk Loaders? (Attack Of The B-Team) 1
How do u make a ftb server? 1
How do u type when u r trying to reply a question on this site? 2
how do you change your skin in Pocket Edition? 2
How do you code the ability for a character to break torches with their fist in Adventure Mode 1.8? 1
How do you make it 3rd person in mac? 4
How much does Beta 1.7 cost, and how much Computer data does it use? 3
How to build a village and if I already built a village will it spawn villager? 2
How to put mods? 1
How to Reply to messages? 1
I bought a rank on a server, then the server reset and I lost my rank! Please help!? 1
I can go through bricks and don't know how to change it back? 1
I can't connect to 1.7.10 servers why not? 1
I cant connect to my minecraft server? 6
I don't have the file folders in my minecraft.jar file. Why? 2
I don't know what happened? 1
I have pretty good gaming specs unless i am completely wrong. Why do I have low FPS? 1
I purchased my game but it still wont let me download it, help? 2
Ideas? 1
If i update...? 4
Is invasion mod compatible with magic launcher? 1
Is the most recent version of minecraft 1.8 out yet? 2
Is their a minecraft animator/ editor? 2
Is there any free server host websites? 1
Is this a good laptop for minecraft? 1
Is this computer good enough for modded FTB Minecraft Monster? 1
Java type? 4
Looking for a small 10-20 people server to play multiplayer? 1
Minecraft classic Lagg? 5
Minecraft crashes? PLEASE READ! 3
Minecraft ender dragon mod? 4
Minecraft mods to do with mining? 3
Minecraft Servers for the Philippines can anyone give me? 5
Minecraft SMP beta map lagg? 4
Minecraft Windows 10 Help? 1
Mob trap technical difficulties? 2
Mountain seed Xbox one cu21? 1
Music stops playing when the game is paused. Can I make it keep playing? 1
My house disappeared in the nether, I need to know what happened? 2
Need people to play minecraft?? 1
Pixelmon Server ? 1
Pls Help me!? 3
Port Forwarding? 1
Random Teleport? 2
Saves file? 1
Somebody heeeelpppppppppp!!!! Please? 1
Tired obseleted mods? 2
Villages in survival multiplayer? 3
What are the best Minecraft mods? 2
What do the brown squares on the map mean? 1
What do the point do in minecraft 1.8? 3
What is a good vanilla server? 4
What is the purpose of the multiplier ? 2
What the hell happend to my hud? 1
When I install Java he tells me java error code 1601 ? 1
When will Opifine 1.9 come out!? 2
When will Opifine 1.9 come out!? 1
Where are Minecraft screenshots saved if I use a launcher? 1
where can I download mods? thx 1
Where is the best place to advertise a new survival server? 1
Why are my villagers disappearing? 4
Why can't i turn and move at the same time? 2
Why do villagers come out at night when they're supposed to be inside their houses? 2
Why does my crosshair missing ? 1
Why is my minecraft not working? 1
Why is my slime farm efficiency so low? 2
Why is my whole world flooded? 2
Why won't my mods show up? 1
Why wont my Minecraft open when I installed a mod? 1
Will they still work? 1
World Generation Question? 2
Youtube, what do i do???? 1
(endemeN? 6
(INVedit)? 3
Abandoned mine? 2
About the Appletloader? 3
Alpha vs Beta? 5
Animal spawns? 1
Any kingdom hearts maps out there? 2
Any way to buy minecraft without a credit card? 1
Are there any NPC's in the actual game? 5
Black Stonehenge? 1
Buying it twice? 1
Can I change my username? If so how? 1
Can I have some tips on surviving? 1
Can I load a mine file save through Minecraft beta? 3
Can i move my minecraft from my x-box one to my pc/computer??? 1
Can I play multipayer offline? and why can't I login 1
Can I switch the game to another account? 1
CAn people destroy what you build online? 2
Can someone help me with my pet? 2
Can villagers respawn ? 1
Can whe use a mic? 1
Can wolves spawn on peaceful setting? 3
Can you get me un trapped? 1
Can you play multiplayer in browser? 4
Can Zombies break down doors when on Easy? 1
Changing Text? 1
Chat? 1
Cooking eggs ? 1
Creating a spawn? 7
Creating server? 9
Curing a zombie? 2
D Flip-Flop? 1
Difference between minecraft regular and Premium? 1
Difficulty levels? 1
Do I have to pay monthly for the full version of Minecraft? 2
do U? 3
Do wolves attack you if you attack them on peaceful? 1
Do you guys know any mods that'll make my minecraft run much smoother? 2
Do you need internet to play Minecraft? 2
Does anyone have a good adventure or puzzle map I can play? 7
Does this make sense? 2
End world...? 2
Failure to techniclaunch? 1
Flying? 1
Free? 8
Future Mob question? 2
Ghasts in Beta? 2
Grass withering? 1
Having trouble collecting resources and that red rock stuff? 1
Help with 2 questions? 3
Horses? 4
How can I force respawn? 1
How can u tame a wolf/ have one as a pet ? 1
How come when i try to play the game it's in euros? 1
How do I activate the portal to the end? 1
How do I change my character's skin? 1
How do I download a fresh .minecraft file? 1
How do I get my saves back? 1
How do i install a mod in minecraft? 1
How do I make it third-person? 2
How do I place blocks? 1
How do I stop enemies from spawning in my closed, well lit base? 8
How do i unlock cheats? 6
How do I update Minecraft? 1
How do I upload a world save? 1
How do u get rid of the single player command mod in Minecraft??? 9
How do you get a skin for your character? 4
How do you get the when pigs fly achievement? 4
How do you set your spawn point in SMP? (as a OP/Admin) 5
hoW far?(2 questions) 2
How good does my internet or computer have to be to play? 1
How many wolves can you train in all? 2
How much is Minecraft for the full game? 8
How to accept terms and conditions for minecraft? 4
How to Fix This Server Connecting Error? 1
Hunger bar? 2
I can't find any seeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? 3
I can't find Nether Quarts Ore in the Nether even after updating to 1.5? 1
I can't use texturepacks? 2
i died before i changed my respawn point. Find it? 2
I lost a full stack o' iron and 3 diamond picks in lava... Any help? Or lost cause? 1
I spawned in a different spawn point than usual? 1
I want to get this game on my pc on disk, how do I do it? 3
If I buy Minecraft can I play it on more than one computer? 3
If Im playing in browser, can I still use mods? 4
Industrial craft Achievements? 1
INVed, Aether? 1
inVedit wtf?! 2
Is Obisidian avalible when you start creative? 1
Is there a Texture Pack that only changes the armor? 1
Is there a way i can get this on my xbox360 or ps3? 4
Is this game worth buying? 2
JK Flip-Flop? 1
Minecraft crashed my computer and I need ideas on how to let my dad let me play minecraft again? 1
Minecraft for free? 4
Minecraft multiplayer free roam? 1
Mod for me? 1
Mods for flint obtaining? 3
Mods? 3
Monster trap? 3
Multiplayer Server? 4
My dude is paralyzed, can I respawn? 9
My server is lagging after update? 1
Necromancer? 1
Need a good island seed? 2
Old saves get new updates? 1
One or more villages ? 1
Online? 1
own Ip? 2
Pc/XBox multiplayer? 2
Pink sheep? 2
Playing online? 1
Price? 4
Pumpkin Craft Glitch? 2
Recommendations? 2
Should i buy this addicting game? 5
Since my minecraft is a cracked version, mods wont work for it? 10
Sister Can't Connect To Server; Can Someone Help? 2
Starting my minecraft multiplayer server from my phone? 6
Taming Wolf? 2
Texture packs? 1
Thaumcraft? 1
This or terraria ? 2
Using mods via mac? 1
Using texture packs? 2
Vertical Limitations? 1
Villages and Villagers? 1
Water Disposal? 3
What are some premium Minecraft accounts? 1
What are these and why are they here? 1
What do i have to do in order to play on multiplayer? 5
What do i need to dowload this game/beta? 2
what do slimes droP? 1
What does it mean? 2
What exactly do you need to get this game? 3
What is...? 2
What people mean with "capturing animals"? 2
What will the full version of mindcraft be like? 4
What's the difference between modes? 1
Whats the Seed option for when creating a new world? 1
whats this green stufF? 7
When does 1.8 come out? 6
When i put modloader into my minecraft and then run it, all i get is a black screen. why? 1
When is it to be released in stores? 3
When is Minecraft going to release? 4
Where can i and i need tips about something? 2
Where do you download or purchase this game? 4
Where is it? 1
Why doesn't animal spawn in my farm? 3
Why doesnt the pork show up in my inventory when i kill a pig? 4
Why is my Minecraft not working? 1
why should I have generate structures on? 1
Why won't the game won't let me sign in? 1
Will a wolf spawn in a world created before the update? 5
Will the snow melt? 2
World Out of memory? 1
Would it still work? 2
Would Minecraft lag on this laptop? 1
Youtube videos? 1

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