Question from Blastman6

Asked: 1 year ago

What is Dota 2's ESRB Rating?

I'm looking everywhere to find if Dota 2 is either rated 'T' for Teen or 'M' for Mature. So far I don't see any blood and guts, but I do hear some swearing (which would be fine for a 'T' game if it had it's limits). I need to know who it's geared towards, and if you have an answer, I would like to see where you got the information so I would see if it's true.

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From: Ultima_Weapon33 1 year ago

As an always online game, I would assume it's not rated by the ESRB as most games with online multiplayer would not have the online portion rated.

There's a really small amount of swearing in the vocal lines, and there is a bit of blood, especially when Axe uses Culling Blade or Lifestealer uses Infest. I would guess T.

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