You check your equipment one last time before sinking into the water's inky blackness. After years of chasing leads ans sifting through ancient maps you are closing in on the Silver Eye-the legendary pirate's hideout. The slap of cold water has no effect on your delirium. A rift in the seawall reveals an opening.

You cannot resist the temptation to go deeper and upon discovering the opening to the pirate's world, you almost choke on your respirator and are aware of your fate. Not only are you out of oxygen, but the challenge to survive on your wits and knowledge of Silver Eye makes you a slave of DIVE... the Conquest of Silver Eye.

Discover in DIVE: the Conquest of Silver Eye, the fabled pirate's cove of Silver Eye and engage in your own battle for survival against the creatures of the Underworld.

Incredible 3D graphics enhance the battle scenes and you will be amazed by the almost endless game play.

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