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What The System Requirements to run this game?

I started the game and the movies played and all went fine. Up until the point where I started a NEW game and entered name for the Save file and started the game. I watched the Urgent message report video (where the dude tells me that something happened and i am supposed to return in time or something like that and undo what has happened 60+ years in the future), after that everything goes black. Music is still running ambient sounds also, I can access the utility, save, hide/show thingy I can watch the prologue again and again. In utility it tells I am in the aft section. But everytime I leave that it is black. My guess is I am in a pod or something but atleast I would able to see something aswell. Everytime I try to zoom in or out it gives an error message, not enough memory for this action. I have a laptop with german lanuage settings, so it says Fuer diesen Befehl ist nicht genuegend Speicher vorhanden. I don't get it I got 4GB RAM, Duo Core T6600 2.20Ghz, ATI Radeon 4570 Graphics card. I mean I can play Black Ops on highest graphic settings. Please Help!


zavlinz answered:

One of the most important things to do is make sure you have the most up to date version of quick time.
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northie007 answered:

Read the support FAQ on the site.->
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