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Dragon slaying only?

Will this game only be about the extermination of Dragons? If it is then Im done with with TES. I will not become a senseless killer in ANY game whatsoever, I also prefer Dragons over humans.
PS: Any imformation regarding the game(especially the dragons) would be nice.

lionesss provided additional details:

Perhaps my question was not well presented (too much ranting I suppose).
What I meant was: Will there be any FRIENDLY dragons in Skyrim?

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jasonstorm answered:

PETD - People for the Ethical Treatment of Dragons
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harley2463 answered:

Please, Do more research.

in the Trailer, you see more monsters.

And about the story, It's also about some sort of Civil war.

Dragons are just a Giant part of the Game.

You can still do quests, loot caves, and all that awesome stuff as you previously could.
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Muldeh answered:


There is a good dragon :X
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DarkLight3 answered:

All random dragons you meet are bad, they are specifically hunting for you because you are the only possible threat. This is not cruelty to dragons, as the dragons themselves are seeking to rule the world like they did before the humans rose up and dethroned them from their mountain perches.

btw, please dont tell me your one of those Otherkin fools.
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