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How can i cure Lycanthropy ?

I don't know how to cure lycanthropy plz help!!!

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coldfire_777 answered:

Further down the Companions quest line u can toss the Glenmoril Witch's head into the fire which will summon a wolf spirit which you have to kill to permanently remove your lycanthropy
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piknim answered:

Actually you remove Whitemanes lycanthropy with the answers stated above.
You are still a werewolf after becoming the harbringer you are supposed to be able to get a quest
from one of the circle members to permanently remove the lycanthropy Once its removed you can never get it back.
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Mazinger_Kaiser answered:

Why would you cure lycanthropy? Its a gift not a nuisance disease like vampirism plus you can only change once a day and no negative effect on people unless you go on a killing spree in werewolf form....
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hoshunkai answered:

^This. And you can go to Falkreath and get the Hircine's Ring for infinite transformations!

But if still want to cure your lycanthropy. Just like what coldfire_777 said. But you need to have an additional head of a Glenmoril Witch
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Jougan answered:

removespell <spell ID> Removes a specific spell from a character's spellbook. Also works with diseases and unique powers. Ex. "player.removespell 00092c48" will remove the "Beast Form" power from the player's spellbook.
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notodd1991 answered:

How To Cure Being A Werewolf

1.First, youll need to join the Companions. If youre already a werewolf, you should know them by now.

2.Finish their line of quests. When youre done, talk to the leader of the Companions Kodlak, or ask around about a cure for werewolves. Speaking with Aela the Huntress in Whiterun will also tell you more about the Companions affliction.

3.The Companions will offer you a special quest that will cure your lycanthropy this is a permanent change, youll never be able to become a werewolf again. If thats what you want, take the quest and complete it.
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