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Stealth kills?

I would appreciate it if someone told me how to properly do stealth kills. I just can't seem to do it, every time I try to hit them from behind it just hits them as normal, just like in oblivion.

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whitelycanCS answered:

Getting cutscenes is just luck and has nothing to do with kills. About half the time you kill someone in 1 hit with a stealth kill you will get a cutscene, the other half you won't. Same way with non-stealth melee kills.
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genie2476 answered:

I think you need to do enough damage for it to actually be a kill. The animation is just a bonus, I think.

I once snuck up on a mage and totally impaled him from behind with dual swords.
The next time I tried it on another mage, which was stronger than the last, I just hit them normally, though I did get the 2.0X damage bonus, he survived with only 10% hp left.
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FrostAvatar answered:

So long as you're sneaking and the indicator shows you as hidden, you just need to swing the sword to perform a stealth attack. Whether you kill the enemy or not depends on your damage and their HP.

I had a hard time killing people with melee stealth attacks until I got the Dark Brotherhood gear and the Backstab perk (12x for stealth attacks). With those two I was hitting for 24x damage while stealthed which significantly increased the "stealth kill" cut scenes I received. Even if I didn't get a cool kill animation I usually killed them with one swing.
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aeonsummoner answered:

Get the three damage based perks in the sneak tree.
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purrfectwerecat answered:

It should also be noted that stealthed power attacks are, natch, more likely to kill someone as well. Just stating the obvious here, as an Illusion/Conjuration Magi Assassin/Thief. Geeze i do too much. o.e;;
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cymrich answered:

You need to be crouched down, and not detected. if you can somehow keep them from detecting you while they are facing you (if you are trying for melee stealth kills) then it will still work...
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yor9790 answered:

Also to all the above, hold down the attack button, that charges your attack for a power hit. Just like obliv.
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