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Asked: 3 years ago

Where can I find higher level illusion spells?

My illusion is at 80 but i can't find any spell higher than the tier 2 spells. the illusion specialist at the collage doesn't sell anything he will only train me in illusion.

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Various court wizards in each of the towns (check the castles that the Jarls are in, and you should find them) will sell other spells. Some of them have Illusion magic.

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I think that's the entire school of Illusion. Five spells or so, right?

Skyrim's bad when it comes to magic. They make it look fancy, but it doesn't do anything.

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....Okay this is not an answer but.... i really hope the above person is wrong, as an Illusion/Conjuration mage. o.e;; i have yet to see anything beyond that either though. I had just assumed (read: hoped) that the magi would have better stuff with more progression through questline; perhaps with the Mage College, for instance. No go?

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All I know is there are a total of around 16 or 17(I forgot where I read it) of Illusion spells. And if some aren't sold, you do know that some spells(even for destruction and other spells) are given as a reward in a quest.

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I've seen one of the guys at the mage college sell invisibility once I reached level 75 in illusion.

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Most of the court wizards (meaning every one i've checked but I don't like using absolutes) only go up to apprentice level spells. The teachers at the Mage College in Winterhold will help you obtain every spell in thier respective magic skill. They won't have the books available until your skill level with the magic is high enough, usually around the level of the skill you can get the appropriate perk. For the Master level spells you must complete a quest from the appropriate teacher once you get 100 skill.

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I'm pretty sure you can find certain spells once you hit 100 or 90.
For one , I've found stronger Conjuration Spells ( Expert - Master ) in the College ( After going through a certain series of quests ) after my Conjuration hits 90 or so.

Try checking back after you've hit Level 90-100 for your Illusion.

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