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Where is the best place to sell your stuff?

All these merchants keep running out of money, then I forget to sell more stuff when I get to the next city. Something like the Creeper and Mudcrab merchant from Morrowind.

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Bondsnightmare answered:

Each merchant has a max amount of gold that they will 'replenish' to. However, if you sell too much at once to the same merchant they will run out of gold. This will fill back up as days go by, but it does not replenish instantly.

I would suggest selling to multiple merchants in the same town. Most towns have a general goods merchant, blacksmith, alchemist, and innkeeper. All of these allow you to sell various items.

Most of the merchants in Whiterun I have noticed have a max around 1-1.5k.
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Tzukasa7 answered:

When a merchant is out of money all you have to do is wait until the next day and its all replenished I've done this several times now though I havnt found a creeper type npc yet.
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purrfectwerecat answered:

A little note on this is, if prices are rather important to you (or you are a thief and carry way too many stolen goods) increasing your Speech skill is very helpful, along with the Speech perks which give you better prices, among other things.
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Micktorious answered:

You should also buy anything you want from them first, as this fills their money up, then sell stuff after and basically get your money back.
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FishyOldMan answered:

Any merchant would do fine.

Sold your stuff until the merchant run out of money.

Quick save your game.

Kill the merchant,

Quick load your game.

That merchant is somehow reset.

Enjoy killing merchants that are not up to your expectation :)
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DCZero answered:

Adding to Micktorious' note, skill trainers who are also merchants are great for this.

I trained speech to get the Allure perk, then hit the trainers in the Arcane College. Trained what I wanted, then sold all my crap to them.
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DCZero answered:

Sorry, the perk is called Merchant. Allure is the prerequisite.
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KRende answered:

If you have a lot of armor/weapons to sell, go to Warmaidens in Whiterun. if Adrinne Avenicci is outside, you can usually sell to her and then go inside to Ulfberth War-Bear and sell to him the same amount (in my case, it is 1100+ each). If they are both inside, they usually share the (1100+) gold and both pull from that amount. I don't know if there are prerequisites like completing the Whiterun Jarl's tasks or not.
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