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Why am I not able to save my game?

Hey guys , why am I not able to save my progress ? I've checked my save file and it shows that all my saves are TMP files and take up 0KB if any1 has this problem please just post ur suggestions . Many thanks in advance

f1reis0blivious asked for clarification:

Save game files should be around 5 000kb and ess or bak files. Are you looking in the /documents/my games/skyrim/saves directory? how do you attempt to save the game, are there any error messages?

devilryne provided additional details:

Hey um thanks for replying i'ma try that out , thanks

devilryne provided additional details:

F1reis , i dont get any errors , when I save it looks as if i've saved properly but it doesnt , and yes i have checked the file they're tmp files when I save

devilryne provided additional details:

Rominic , i cant save using your method :(


Rominic_Mollier answered:

Try using the console command: 'save "My save 1"' (Without the single quotes, but with the double quotes. See if that works.
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