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Boethiah's Calling - How to use Pillar of Sacrifice?

I have a question about the Pillar of Sacrifice at Boethiahs Shrine.

How exactly do you trap someone in it, I've brought a follower with me and told him to stand on it but nothing happens after I kill him. Am I doing something wrong or is this some kind of bug that prevents me from progressing? (I am above 30 level)

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DrStrang3Love answered:

Ok all you have to do is get a follower that you dont care about i bought one out of a bar (there is one in every major hold) then when you travel to the shrine and talk to your follower and say "I need you to do something" then your cursor should change then click on the statue thingy and then the follower should say ok or something then he gets trapped on the idol and then you can kill him with the dagger.
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whitelycanCS answered:

I've heard you have to be at least lvl 32 to do this.
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dinerian answered:

To start this quest read the book 'Boethiah's Calling.' It will send you to her shrine. At this point you bind your companion to the pillar and kill them with the sacrificial knife lying on the ground next to the pillar. Boethiah now inhabits your dead companion and the quest starts in earnest.

Unknown if the book is in a random location or not. I've seen two copies, one in the abandoned house in Markarth, the other in Septimus Singus' Outpost.
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dinerian answered:

Sorry, book is called 'Boethiah's Proving'.
I don't recall being 32 or higher when I got this quest.
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cymrich answered:

you can get the quest just by finding the shrine too... I've never seen the book yet but just approaching the shrine gave me the quest.
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Nithsign answered:

My Dark Brotherhood follower says "it shall be done" but does nothing but he does every other command I tell him....WTF
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fishfu answered:

I had problems with this too. Turns out that you have to use a non-essential follower (meaning that he/she can die). Dark brotherhood followers are invincible. I hired a merc from riften (there is one in windhelm too). After that, I told him to activate the pillar and after a little glitchy-ness on the part of the game's AI pathfinder, my merc was trapped.
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