Question from tehoivun

"Revealing the Unseen" Aedrome Puzzle Bug?

I know what I need to do to focus the lens but casting frostbite only moves the light once. I keep blasting it but it doesnt move any more. Does anyone else have this problem? Or is my copy just bugged?


yor9790 answered:

I hit it with frostbite a few times, it looks to have a really small hitbox, but if you keep at it, you can get the lights to hit each of the rings on the dome, then move the rings with the buttons on the dais. That worked for me with N/P.
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treanova answered:

You can use both frostbite and flames on the middle lens. Keep firing continuously with combination of either until the beam dispersed is center on each rings so that the lens in the wall rings can reflect the dispersed beam.

Each beam should fire to each ring on the center once. Hope this helps
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Schmeethe88 answered:

The lens is only affected by frostbite and flames... you can use other fire/ice spells to limited effect, but make sure you're using those two. Also, you may have to heat/cool it a couple times for it to get past what seems to be the limit of its cooling.

One last bit, hold down that cast. Frostbite is a chained spell, allowing you to mash that cast button and spew a continuous shot of ice. If worse comes to worse, plaster that crystal to your heart's content.
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Guitarfreak0731 answered:

I guarentee this will work ive been struggling with this for a while and FINALLY got it. I was using too high of a frostbite spell. You need to use the frostbite spell that is on the table i think it does 12 points of damage. The spell i was using did more damage. Use the 12 point dmg frostbite spell on the puzzle and it will move where you need it to go
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