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Asked: 3 years ago

Console Commands not working?

anything with a number value in it gives me a error of "missing parameter actor value or some other permutation of that. I just want to max my speech so I can sell my loot with out being raked over the coals.


Add levels to your skillsAdvancePCSkill (skillname) #

when I try that I get the error message and I have tried varied versions of the script and I have yet to have any success.

any help will be appreciated

Additional details - 3 years ago

I am still getting the same error messages either I am missing a step or its just wrong either way it wont work :(

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Always try "player.consolecommand" Usually these commands need a target. If you want to set speech to 100 use:

"player.setav speech 100"

If you want to level up and gain experience in speech then use:

"player.advskill speech 1000000000000" (This will give you 1 trillion experience in speech and thus level up your overall level.)

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I'm having the same difficulty. Even the 'cure' doesn't seem to work. Any more input?

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I take it back. The command works fine for everything but speech. Is there another name? e.g. speechmaker, speaker etc.

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The only skills that have different names are speech, which is speechcraft, and archery which is marksman. So like Romanic_Mollier said: "player.setav speechcraft 100"

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You are absolutely right! I put in speechcraft and it went right in. Ah, success. Will have to try marksman as last time I tried it it did not take effect.

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Ask gamefaqs.

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