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How do I open sapphire claw door?

Hello, I'm a sapphire claw door in shroud hearth barrow. The door is glitches or something and the pass code is in but the door doesn't open and 2 out of all the dart holes shoot at me. Anyone else with this problem? I never got the quest but I did kill the guy and gave the book to the innkeeper.

kame_sanjo provided additional details:

I got all that, when I put in the code to the door it acts like It was incorrect and some of the trap darts start shooting. :(

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DraconisRex answered:

Mouse over the claw in your inventory. When you look at the claw, there will be three icons along the main body of the claw. Arrange the door puzzle in accordance with icons on the claw.

The correct sequence, if I remember right, is 'bug, owl, wolf.'
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cymrich answered:

If you talk to the innkeeper nearby about that place and then turn in the quest he gives you to him he gives the claw as a reward. like the previous claw from the first town, the door combo is on the claw itself.
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a0dark1 answered:

If it's still not working, try every possible combination. Since there are only three possible answers for each of the three pictures that means there are six possible combinations:
If you step back for a second right after you input the code the darts shouldn't hurt you, much.
If that doesn't work, back up to a much earlier save and hope for the best!
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