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Are there any commands to disable vampirism ?

Hi. Iam lvl 5 and iam a 1st stage vampire. Are there any commands in console which will disable this thing ? I dont want to start all over again this game.

chalwa4 provided additional details:

Its not that mate... i just learned that iam a vampire stage 1 aleardy... the points is that iam to low lvl to do the quest which can undone this change...i just need a command to undo being a vampire :(


GoD_Of_Blaze answered:

Go to a temple/altar and just activate it..vampirism is a disease and it'll be cured if you go to a temple of Kyraneth or Talos etc. (You can find 2 shrines in White-run).

I hope that helps.
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DraconianSeas answered:

Once you have become a vampire you can only cure it through the cure quest or by becoming a werewolf. You can become a werewolf through the companion questline in whiterun
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notodd1991 answered:

How To Cure Vampirism

1.If youve contracted the disease, you wont become a vampire for three days. Until then, you can get rid of the disease with any common disease-curing potion.

2.You can also use the Shrine to Talos outside Whiterun or Dragonsreach, activating the shrine will cure you of all diseases.

3.Before speaking to anyone, make sure youre no longer a Stage 4 vampire. Stage 4 vampires are attacked on sight, to avoid this, wait until night and drink the blood of a sleeping person. Even sleeping beggars will do. Just crouch/sneak and interact with a sleeping NPC to drink their blood.

4.If youre still having trouble drinking blood, remember that you have two useful abilities as a Stage 4 vampires Embrace of Shadows, and Vampire Seduction. Embrace of Shadows turns you invisible, while Vampire Seduction will make an NPC calm and cease wanting to attack you.

5.Once youre a Stage 1 vampire, normal diseas cures will no longer work. Youll need a better way.

6.To begin your quest, speak with any Inn Keeper or Bartender about rumors. Theyll tell you that a man named Falion in Morthal is studying vampires.

7.Find Morthal east of Fort Snowhawk. Once there, talk to Falion and hell discuss how to cure vampirism.

8.Hell tell you to get a Black Soul Gem. If you dont have one, Falion will sell you one. Before being cured, youll need to fill the Black Soul Gem.

9.To fill a Black Soul Gem, youll need to cast a Soul Trap spell on a human, then kill them. Any human will work, including bandits and enemies.

10.Youll need to obtain a Soul Trap spell, sold by any magic vendor. If youre really desperate, try the College of Winterhold, or explore Whiterun to find a shop. If you dont have high magic skills, just purchase a Soul Trap scroll. NOTE: The Mage for the Jarl of Whiterun, the Jarls Court Mage, should have a Soul Trap spell.

11.With a filled Black Soul Gem, return to Falion and talk to him to complete the ritual. Youre now cured of vampirism!
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z827 answered:

Lulz , why are people ranting on about a cure when your asking for a console code?
Well , as far as I'm aware of - there are no console codes of instantly ridding yourself of Vampirism so the easiest way is to join the Companions and... well , turn into a Werewolf.

Still , it beats having to bust into people's home to drink their blood to make sure you have a low level Vampire Rank so people wouldn't attack you on sight.
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