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In Skyrim, what is the maximum fortify skill enchantment possible/the maximum fortify skill potion possible?

I've heard in a few places that people are using a combination of alchemy and enchantment to create super armor/weapons. The jest of the technique is creating a fortify alchemy item/wearing it and then creating a fortify enchantment potion/drinking the potion and repeating. People are claiming that it creates an exponential growth in the power of both items and eventually you will be left with crazy strong potions and armor.
After doing some analysis, I discovered that this would only work if the percentage of bonuses was past a certain point (near 100%) for both cases. If not, the gain follows the


deviltyrant219 answered:

I cannot 100% confirm but.

enchanment with perks 20% normal
30-40% with perks

alchemy with perks 20% normal
30% with perks

add these together along side a capped skill and you can make just about any sword or armour as overpowered as possible.
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dakloss answered:

With alchemy perks (5/5 for 100% improved and the next 2 to get improve skill potions) you can make enchanting potions of +32% for 30 seconds, you will need 1 per item if you wish to rename. This gives items with +29% or +47% (example +29 alchemy/blacksmith +47 one hand) you will need to make 4 enchanted alchemy items twice or 3 times also using purchased +25% enchanting potions to get up to +29. With items equipped you can make blacksmith potions of +128% try buying those! I have armour rating of 2100+ and do 550 damage with daedric sword without enchantments on weapon.
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booger2010 answered:

The exploit you are referring to involves making restoration potions, which for some reason increases the potency of any alchemy enchanted gear you are wearing. You drink one, make another, drink it, repeat. Then make overpowered enchantment potions which you use to make more alchemy and smithing gear. Read the faq right here, entitled Alchemy Exploit Guide (xbox360). It works on PC.
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