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What is the console command for moving an NPC to you or you to it?

I just got dead thrall and want to use it on the old Arch Mage. In real life I'd be able to go to his grave, dig him up, and make a thrall of him (maybe not so much the last part irl). Is there a command I could use to get his body back?

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jaxx0rr answered:

last two answers are correct, first 2 anwers are STUPID -> PlaceAtMe will create a copy of the npc so thats BS !

to MOVE a npc to your location:

1. open console and select npc with mouse but ofc you don't know where it is so type "prid XXXXX" (where XXXXX is npc refId) but ofc you don't know the refid so you can either:
a. save game, load a previous save, select the npc and write down the refid the load ur last save
b. find it here:
c. type [help "npc name"] without the brackets witch gives you the BASE id and you need to convert that to the refid so that's not really helpful...

you should have some numbers in the middle of the screen

2. type "moveto player" to move npc to your location (will only work if npc is alive, if its not alive first type "resurrect 1")
-or if you want to go to the npc type "player.moveto XXXXX" (where XXXXX is npc refId)
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Wickedfaith answered:

It's player.placeatme
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rpbraley868 answered:

To clarify, its...

player.placeatme [npcID] without the brackets.

like player.placeatme 000A203 or something like that. to find the ID of the npc, click on their body while the console is up
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veckin answered:

To move the player to the npc, type
player.moveto xx
To move the npc to the player, type
moveto player xx

If the npc is dead, this won't work. To bring them back, type:
resurrect xx
Where xx is the reference id of the npc. Don't use the base id.

I'm assuming the arch-mage you want to kill is Savos Aren. His reference id is 0001C1B8.
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Kyushiri answered:

The easiest way to do this is...
Open your console
type: prid [npcid] (without the [ ])
moveto player
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