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Where can I find Void Salts?

I've already bought the Salts from the vendors in both Whiterun and Solitude, and would like to further upgrade my Nightingale Armor. Either vendors that might have them or the location of Storm Atronachs would be helpful.

LifeVirus1289 provided additional details:

Yes, but all of the ones I've checked don't seem to have them. I like fighting the Atronachs, seen any (not counting the forge because you have to use a salt to make them)?

z827 asked for clarification:

You can buy them off Riften's Alchemist ( It's near the Ratway - the sewers in other words ) and pretty much off some of the other Potion Shop in the land.

I'm not sure whether having a high Alchemy skill would affect the sales - anyone could clarify this?

Accepted Answer

TerraAvsTrais answered:

Void Salts

Location #1- Solitude
Location #2- Riften
Location #3- College of Winterhold (Arch-Mage's Quarters)
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whatmustido answered:

I'm pretty sure every city but Dawnstar and Winterhold has an alchemist.
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