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How do I proceed through Folgunthur?

I've cleared the place of enemies, collected all significant loot I found, flipped every switch I found, but I'm still stuck. I'm supposed to find an item, but the room with the rotating wall (opens one door either left or right) is a dead end. I see the spiral stairs below, but the gate is in the way. How do I open them?


whatmustido answered:

You have to flip the switches in a certain order. I remember that mission and I remembered that it annoyed the hell out of me to figure it out. But I can't remember what you have to do. Just keep playing around with switches until you get it.
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DCZero answered:

There's two doors, controlled by the same switch. When 1 door is open, the other is closed. You have to clear out both areas to proceed. If I recall correctly, there's some kind of switch in each side.
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cullenvsblack answered:

When you get to the room w/ the chain on the wall and the lever on the floor.. pull the lever and do the following:
If there are three pillars in this order: Snake-Whale-Hawk.. then they need to be left to right Hawk-Whale-Snake.. Make sure the when you face the pillar the picture you're facing is the correct one in the sequence. Once the above step is done, then go back in the 1st room and pull the chain.. You will see the gate above the spiral staircase open.
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jdatan answered:

The three rotating pillars should be adjacent to the pictures on the other room.
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