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Asked: 3 years ago

How to create legendary items?

How to upgrade items to legendary? What is needed?

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From: TerraAvsTrais 3 years ago

whatmustido is somewhat correct.

Smithing Improvment Modifiers.

Fine 0-19 skill

Superior 20-39 skill

Exquisite 40-59 skill

Flawless 60-79 skill

Epic 80-99 skill

Legendary 100 skill.

You will also need the required ingots/leather to improve an item

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You need a high smithing skill and whatever ingot or material is needed to upgrade it. To upgrade daedric artifacts to legendary, you will need to use enchants or potions to buff your smithing skill to around 200 or so.

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You will also need the associated perk, for instance, if you have 100 smithing but no glass smithing you will not be able to improve glass items to legendary without wearing gear that fortify smithing and/or drinking potions to do the same thing. This is also true of leather and special armors that are based off leather such as thieves guild, dark brotherhood, and nightengale. There is no leather armor perk so these items can only be upgraded to flawless unless you fortify your smithing beyond 100.

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