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Asked: 3 years ago

The golden claw?

In the first mission, where you must get a Golden Claw from some guy named Arvel, I forgot to loot him and already in the sanctum. So I cheated it out.

The problem is:
The quest for 'Retrieve the Golden claw' does not complete.
Any way I could get it back? Or should I revert from a save file?

Second, who is the owner of the dragon claw?

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The only way i would think without reverting file is use coc qasmoke (a code that lets u into a room with all items) and go into misc and find it in there. and the owner is the trader shop in river wood the trader is the owner

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"If you can access the console type the following in it.

player.additem 000999e7 1
player.additem 00039647 1

Not tested both so save it first, then try one, if that doesn't work re-load the save and try the other."


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