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How do you name your horse?

I recently bought a horse, but the game did not gave me an option to rename it,, how can i rename it?

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rafifauzan answered:

You. Can't rename it...
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JamJackEvo answered:

You can't. Ever. The only horse in the game you can own that has a name is Shadowmere, which you'll receive after progressing through the Dark Brotherhood questline.
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TerraAvsTrais answered:

You forgot the horse Frost.
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Xmyshadow answered:

You can't name your horse really unless you get the special ones later on in the game like shadow-mere. and yes its kind of stupid in my opinion. But there is mods on the computer in which you can do that :) hope this helps
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imNOTcool10 answered:

Its already named for you. I mean that its named by your Skyrim Traveller (which is you) and thats how! Also I found a glitch if you sprint on your horse and get off with the horse still sprinting you should get infinate sprint aswell! But just dont press the start menu or anything! ; )
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imNOTcool10 answered:

And you cant really rename it. Sorry.
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jacobharris answered:

Yeah... about that.... you can't rename it..... yeah.... so..... um... yeah
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Savag480 answered:

You chould make a mod to name the horse.But you need the pc vershon and have no life
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