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Can anyone help me with blackreach?

So i'm at the part in the main quest where you have to go to blackreach to recover the elder scroll and i am currently in blackreach. The problem is i don't know where in blackreach the scroll is located and this place is huge. Can anyone direct me to the scroll so i can continue the game? Thanks

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Feenix_x answered:

It's a little difficult to explain but it's located towards the south west end of Blackreach.
Theres a large castle like structure with a giant glowing orb in the middle of it, this is the closet landmark to the elder scroll.
if you hop off over the back wall (opposite the entry gate) and follow the road west it will lead you to the Tower of Mzark (it looks like the elevator towers that lead to Skyrim) the tower should be marked with a quest indicator and it contains the elder scroll.
If you reach the gatehouse you're going in the wrong direction
I hope this helps
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Sasho1911 answered:

Well I don't remember where exactly it is, but there is a big sphere there. Also you'll see two adventurers fighting at the entrence. Good luck with that. :)
All the best,
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