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How do you cure vampirism?

Im stuck as a vampire. Please help, Im sick of having to fed every night and not regaining stamina during the day

dtivonut2356 asked for clarification:

I've got a Black Soul Gem filled, but I've been a vampire for 5 days now, and Falion just wants to kill me. Is it too late?

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z827 answered:

Go to Falkreath and speak to the inn owner for any rumors.
Then go to Falion in Morthal for the cure - you'd probably need to purchase a Black Soul Gem from him if you don't have one. If you DO own a filled Black Soul Gem then your pretty much as good as cured.

Next time you contract Sanguinare Vampirism , drink a Potion of Cure Disease or head to an altar to cure yourself of the disease before you become a vampire :P
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whatmustido answered:

A mage named Falion in Morthal will cure you. You have to talk to an innkeeper about rumors before he'll have the topic, though.
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rpbraley868 answered:

Also, becoming a werewolf with the Companions will remove full blown vampirism. But then you have the issue of being a werewolf.
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Mazinger_Kaiser answered:

Aren`t there Cure Disease pots lying around? And getting blessings at an idol also cures the disease (but do so immediately and don`t dally)
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TerraAvsTrais answered:

Curing Vampirism

There are but two ways to cure yourself of this affliction.

You can contract Lycanthropy. The blood ritual that transforms you into a werewolf will cure and disease you have, even full blown Vampirism. Of course, you now have other, more hairy problems to deal with.

Or, you can visit a mage named Falion in Morthal, the Hold Capital of Hjaalmarch, and compleate Side Quest: Rising at Dawn.

NOTE - Vampirism can be caught MORE then once.

Taken from the Skyrim Official Game Guide
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yami520 answered:

Another way is join the companions in whiterun and there after i think 4 quests u become a werewolf int he underforge which is directly below the skyforge which can only be entered once that quest is started
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dtivonut2356 answered:

I managed to cure myself of Vamprism. This will only wok in the PC version though! After hearing the rumor about Falion in Falkreath, I happened to meet Falion outside of Morthal during the night (He was fighting a werewolf). I talked with him, and after discussing stuff, he agreed to cure me if I could get him a Filled Black Soul Gem. I then then paused the game, entered the Command Console (Using the ~ key on the keyboard about Tab), and entered the following player.additem 0002E504 99 and pressed the Enter Key, then exited the Command Console using the ~ key. Then I talked to Falion and he agreed to meet me at Dawn.
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