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Dragon armor Vs Daedric?

why is daedric armor better than dragonplate when you need 100 smithing to unlock dragon smithing? I was hopeing that dragonplate was worth making is this a bug?

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Laserguttt answered:

Dragon armor is a great deal easier to make, but is slightly less effective, it also has a light armor side while daedric does not. Dragon Bones/Scales are easily farmed while it takes a while to build up a supply of ebony and daedra hearts
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Mazinger_Kaiser answered:

I don`t know why that is as well. But go for daedric its strong overall especially if you can infuse it with enchantments.
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Arvig answered:

As Lasergutt pointed out, it's a lot easier to get the parts to make dragonplate and dragonscale, given how many dragon bones and scales you'll have from each dragon. Daedra hearts along with ebony ingots are needed for Daedric, and at least for me the hearts are usually hard to find. Having said that, with the right potions and other skill enhancements, you can cap out either armor, or even a "lesser" armor like Ebony or Glass if you have 100 points in smithing and one or more potions that boost smithing skill or the armor gain from improving the armor. So really, it almost comes down to appearance at that stage. I like Ebony and to a lesser degree Elven and Glass a lot more for looks then I do the Dragon armors, or even Daedric personally.

Tl;DR version: Easier to find dragon bones and scales then daedra hearts, but with enough smithing skill you can cap out the armor when improved, so at 100 smithing and a potion or two you might as well just go for what you think looks best.
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