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Asked: 3 years ago

How can i opem the door for kilkreath ruin? the break of dawn

How can i opem the door for kilkreath ruin? the break of dawn

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From: Ciryadin 3 years ago

You need to talk to the statue of miridia, get her beacon and put it in between the 2 pedestals in front of the statue. That'll open the door.

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I just beat the game for the third time as a battlemage and a warrior and as a regular mage now. so for the break of dawn quest ciryadin is correct . thats how the ruins will open to u . only miridia can open the lock for u .

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When I've completed the quest and spoken with Meridia again and return to earth, I cannot get back into the chamber where I killed the boss; it says it requires an iron key, which I cannot locate. I don't know that I will NEED to get back into the chamber at a later time, but it bothers me I might be locked out of it permanently.

So FYI... before you go to the pedestal to retrieve the item (don't want to spoil it), make sure you loot!

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You have to break-dance in front of the door to open it, that's really all and simple...

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You must BREAK-DANCE!!!

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