Question from jokester308

How do I get Hadvar to stop following me?

Ever since i killed ulfric stormcloak whenever i go to whiterun hadvar follows me around and talks about how many people he killed. I tried killing him but he just wont die. Help!!!

Accepted Answer

erado1 answered:

I had the same problem with Hadvar following me around whiterun, not other places, only whiterun.
The problem solved itself though, hes back where he belongs in riverwood.
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millionman99 answered:

I haven't experienced the problem but he did repeatdly talk to me when i saw him and stopped once i moved on with the main quest and headed towards Whiterun.
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Yugetamitlu answered:

I had the same problem, although with Farkas. He follows me everywhere and engages the conversation. It makes me unable to do a certain quest where he assists me.
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