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Asked: 3 years ago

Can you pay off your bounty anywhere?

I know you used to be able to do this in the thieves guild, but i cant find it.

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the thieves guild, I dont know, but you can pay your bounty at any of the main holds the bounty is placed in. If its high, you still have to go to jail, or just kill all the guards and get a higher bounty :P

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You could bribe the guards when you're apporached, but you must be a member of the thieves guild. I also recall the speech skill having the same skill as this..

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yes you can pay off your bounty anywhere where there is a gaurd or collection person just walk up to the NPC and talk to them and there should be an option to pay off any fines that you may have or you can choose to go jail for a certain period which if you go to jail you can attempt to break out with one lockpick which they let you keep

i hope this helped thanks :)

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