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Report to Jarl?

Okay, I've gotten two of these Report to the Jarl of etc., but when I go to them, there isn't anything new to talk about. Also, I am told to go to the Court in Solitude, but when I get there, there isn't any court and I have to talk to this one guy that doesnt even tell me anything productive. Any help?

silvershadow558 provided additional details:

That's it. It just says report to the Jarl of etc. Whiterun, Riften, w/e. And then it says attend the court in the Blue Palace of Solitude where u get the quest to clear a cave full of wolves, but when I get there, nothing happens. No npc annimations, they just stand there.

YaskasPanacea asked for clarification:

Same problem here.

I just finished the Imperial story line (taken Windhelm) and noticed that there is a 'Report to the Jarl at Whiterun' unfinished entry in my Journal under miscellaneous.

Any ideas? Thanks.


godmode911 answered:

You need to tell us what quest you're doing, your question is pretty vague.
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dragonborn311 answered:

For the report to the jarl of whiterun misc quest you need to complete before battle for windhelm the only thing the jarl says is you can buy property in whiterun
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