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Abandoned Cave Door Barred for Break of Dawn?

So I just started the "Break of Dawn" mission and the beacon is just on the other side of a barred door in a place called "Abandoned Cave". It is right next to the "Sightless Pit, just south of "Saarthal" or "Winterhold".

I've tried Sightless Pit and it doesn't seem to have a way through. Any thoughts or someone else have this happen? I know the beacon randomly spawns for the mission for each player


thkuntze answered:

The Sightless Pit does eventually lead back around to the other side of the barred door in the Abandoned Cave.
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Ysgramor answered:

I got past the bar by jumping up on it, closing the door, then while it was coming near me, I used my Shout to blast/sprint my way to the other side.
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