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Asked: 3 years ago

Delvin/Vex wont give me any more windhelm jobs, help?

I have already completed 3 windhelm jobs, but they won't give me any more. I'm assuming its because of invading that city with the imperial legion. Is there any console commands I can use so I can recieve the special windhelm quest, and become guild master?

Additional details - 3 years ago

thanks for that. I tried and tried but still no windhelm so I used the console command. Are you supposed to get a reward after finishing the 4 'special quests' though? Or is that only after the main quest line. I'm just wondering if it bugged out after I talked to delvin at the end of the quest.

Accepted Answer

From: FF1986 3 years ago

Completing the Imperial Legion questline shouldn't interfere with receiving jobs in Windhelm, didn't for me at least. Sometimes, like what happened with me and Markarth, they will only give you a specific job once in every 50 times you ask for one. I just kept turning down the jobs and asking for new ones or alternatively on PC you could just quicksave and quickload (as long as that feature is still there, I only played Oblivion on PC) and keep asking for jobs until you get the right one. There is a console command:
setstage TGTQ04 10 which should start the quest for you. Hope this last paert helped if nothing else.

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