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Console equipping offhand weapons?

Ok, I realise that this may be not allowed on here, but im trying to find out whether or not someone has stumbled across something about using the player.equipitem command to equip something in the offhand This if very aggrivating to continually have to re-equip a weapon in my offhand after using a bow. Much rather create a macro to just do it for me.

especially with the Midas Bound Dagger mod... Great for dagger spell/thieves like me :P.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Archaic954 provided additional details:


If anyone has already figured this out, mind sending me the command through my alt emails?

I open in sandbox so no viruses...

Archaic954 provided additional details:

Actually, the true reason for my asking is because I am trying to create a Bat or Script to dual-wield some bound daggers from a skyrimnexus mod. obviously its rather annoying to constantly have to cast bound dagger.....

Anything on that?


zappingampharos answered:

If you equip your weapons in both hands, and then use a shortcut key (1-8, must be from your favorites list) to equip your bow, when you press the key for the bow again, you unequip the bow and equip whatever you had equipped before equipping the bow.

Example: You have a steel dagger in each hand. You also have a Elven bow in your favorites list labeled with shortcut key 1. When you press 1, you equip your elven bow. When you press 1 again after that, you unequip your bow and equip both steel daggers again. No need for console codes.
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