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Where is my follower?

I was in blackreach with the darkelf from The Drunken Huntsman, forgot her name, when she just went missing. She had been saying things like don't get so far ahead but I ignored her as usual. She quit following me alltogether at some point and did not do the reappear on other side of the door trick that followers normally do when you lose them. She has not shown back up at the Drunken Huntsman and I have let several game days pass. She was not in Black reach dead either. I looked. Is this another of Beth's bugs, and how can I correct it? Or how can I find out if she died in Black Reach? She has my full suit of Dragon Plate armor and ebony weapons.

Mr_C_Guy provided additional details:

Well zezoloikihu you misspelled rogue and called me a twit but in all fairness I did give her the light stuff but called it by the wrong name. I was able to get another follower. Does this mean she died? If she died is there a console code to get her back?

Mr_C_Guy provided additional details:

Well I will miss that armor. Does anyone know the respawn code for Jannessa?


zezoloikihu answered:

Her name is Jannessa.

Don't give her, a rouge, heavy armor, you twit.

If she's dead her body would have disappeared by now. Go try to get someone else to follow you. If they won't, and she's not in blackreach, she got stuck somewhere along the road back. Happy hunting.
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zezoloikihu answered:

Always mix those damn words.
Yes, she's dead. I know there's a code that can teleport an npc to you but not sure if you can spawn them. Even if you could it'd be a 'new' Jannessa so she'd only have her basic gear on her.
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beltboy37 answered:

I read somewhere (sorry can't remember where or find the link now) if you loose a follower they should go back to where you got them and stay there for 3 days after that time they will disappear, and you loot will be lost.
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