Question from brenz10111

Cant find the focusing crystal in Mzulft?

I first went through the ruins all the way to end and spoke to the guy at the observatory, then he told me to bring the crystal, after eventually ocnsulting a walkthrough it sayd to loot from a specific falmer on the way to the observatory, but now i cant find it as i killed it a while ago and obviously missed the crystal.
what can i do about this?


zezoloikihu answered:

Hope you saved before you killed it because you're gonna need to reload one from before you killed it to get it to respawn.
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yaredyohannes12 answered:

You know how when you got into the room where there were falmers well one of the falmers has the key(mostly the highest rank) check them k.
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yaredyohannes12 answered:

I meant the crystal.
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