Question from gardyanakbar

Why do I have CTD in some period of time?

It's really getting disturbing....Please Help!!!

gardyanakbar provided additional details:

Is this some sort of mod conflict? Because mostly mod conflicts will do CTD almost instantly, while this happens like every 30 min of gameplay

gardyanakbar provided additional details:

Thanks JeanZapdos, but I had literally solved the problem:

I downloaded a mod called PISE and I found out that it caused CTD in like a certain time pattern. Now my game have less CTD. But I'll accept your answer :D

Accepted Answer

JeanZapdos answered:

I was having this issue too, having CTD in certain places, after I updated it to 1.5 then this problem solved, maybe one of yours mods needs a most recent update. Sorry if my english is bad, I don't speak english ^^'
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