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Console Command to add skill points?

I've found console commands to set your level and add individual perks, but what about just giving me skill points?

I guess the game only keeps your previous 10 or so saves, and I like making new characters all the time. Well, now I don't seem to have access to my original high level character. I wanted to recreate him, but it's going to take forever to add each perk individually through the CC.


jokerswyld answered:

I don't know if there is a console command to actually give/increase just available skill points. You say you know about 'incPCS skillname' and 'setav skillname #' which increase a skill by one and set a skill to a desired level respectively. But they're not what you want. After taking a close look at the console commands page on the Skyrim Wiki ( specifically under Actor Values (which I'd assume skill points would fall under) reveals nothing.

If you just want to set things to a certain level, do a google search for skyrim bat commands to see how you can have skyrim run a bunch of pre-typed commands saved in a text file with only a single line in the console.
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