Question from El_Kabano

Asked: 3 years ago

What does Dwemer Convector do?

I was wandering around and found something called Dwemer Convector in the Ruins of Bthalft (north of the map)/ Does anyone know, what is it for?

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From: Rockhumpton 3 years ago

Yes you have to put the warped soul gem into 3 of them and cook it with a specific spell.

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Considering what a convector is, I can only assume it's used in smithing. Seems probably due to the nature of the Dwemers. Most of their odds-and-ends are used in smithing, hence why there's so many different pieces of Dwemer artifacts lying around.

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The convectors are used as part of one of the College of Winterhold quests. It's the one following the quest that involves collecting the 10 dwemer cogs.

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