Question from insertuseralias

Asked: 3 years ago

Revealing The Unseen/Paratus Decimus Glitch?

I completed the light reflection puzzle at the end of Revealing The Unseen and then it told me to speak with Paratus Decimus again.... only problem is, it won't let me speak to him. It is showing the option to, but when I hit "E" nothing happens. If I try to talk to him directly after I finish the puzzle it says he is busy.. if I want for him to stop crawling it just doesn't do anything. Anyone have a solution for this?

Accepted Answer

From: Rominic_Mollier 3 years ago

He should not be crawling. Try opening up the console, clicking on him and using the command "revive" if it still does not work then do the same thing but first type "kill" then type "revive"

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