Question from Simsfan666

Asked: 2 years ago

Game crashes after Bethesda Logo?

Iv just got the original game for my computer and the bethesda logo comes on fine. After the logo, the game crashes on a dragon symbol. Iv got XP in my computer.
Any Ideas?

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Have you updated your graphics card driver? Make sure you have the driver installed correctly. Having the game crash immediately is usually a sign. If your pc is older, I would try lower settings, maybe try seeing if there's a difference between full screen and windowed mode.

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Another solution, if the problem still insists after you've done what felenor advised, would be to change the sample rate and bit depth of your PC to 16 bit, 96 kHz. You can do that in the Sound portion of the Control Panel. I encountered the same problem and this solved it.

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I having the same problem too, I can play but after awhile my game crashes on me. Can anyone help?

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