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Asked: 3 years ago

Sneak necessary for Dark Brotherhood and Thieve's quest?

Do I really need sneak to completely finish the Thieves' and Dark Brotherhood questline?

Accepted Answer

From: piknim 3 years ago

You dont need sneak per se. When you are with the dark brotherhood its not nessecary at all. But the thieves guild have quests that become very hard without a little sneak atleast. You are not allowed to kill in their quests so without sneak you would have to run the entire time away from the enemies;P

A good thing to do is get the muffle spell it makes you a lot stealthier.

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while for the dark brotherhood sneak just helps but i don't think it is a must, the thieves guild has certain quests that you must sneak through and killing anyone results in a fail i believe. but don't worry you don't need to start with your sneak level too high. i was practically a mage when i started thieves guild quests :D

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For the Thieve's guild, as an alternative, you can use the "Calm" spell repeatedly.

I'm also unsure as to if casting "Enrage" on the enemy and having them kill eachother actually counts as killing enemies...

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