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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I get past Forbidden Legend, Geirmund's Hall?

I am in one area of Giermund's hall that I cannot get past. There is a bridge that I need to lower to get across to get the amulet I need. However, the bridge does not lower when I engage the lever to do so. Instead, spikes come out from the wall to attack you. Can anyone help me?

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That lever is a red herring. The real lever is on a wall just before that point, if I recall correctly. Back track a few metres and you should find it.

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Viperesque is correct, just turn to your right and look at the wall, youll see the lever pointing and laughing at you (not really, but i felt like it was after i got skewed a couple dozen times lol)

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That switch is on the floor right? DO NOT TOUCH IT!

Facing the floor switch, turn on your right slowly, slanting upward to your right and........

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Did you see a level mounted on the right wall? That's the one you should use!

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