Question from Mick65

Asked: 2 years ago

Vampire Lord power bite attack?

Can't seem to trigger a bite attack in melee mode. I have the Blood Healing perk, stage 4, night time... What am I missing.

Btw; first time caller, long time listener

Accepted Answer

From: kaysa13 2 years ago

based on my experience: luck. power bite attack is like a special kill animation derived from a melee attack, akin to how the werewolf pounces and claws/eats the opponent, or how you behead an opponent with a 1H/2H weapon.

i cannot really quantify on how to trigger such animations, but the best way to do that is to melee attack the opponent whenever he/she is on low health. there's an in-game numerical percentage where an animation attack happens.

PS: if i surmise as much, you're trying to level up your VL perk tree? if so, why not just use your drain life blood magic and be done with it?

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