Question from Brutusgrabooga

Asked: 2 years ago

Who is the Headless Horseman?

In my file, I now see at Hamvir's Rest, a Headless Horseman npc of some sort, it appears as an ethereal or somesuch npc, on a horse with no head, in i believe steel plate armor. it gives the option to talk but it does not talk, very confused. It was not there originally when i first went to Hamvir's near the beginning of the game. Is it associated with a quest? Easteregg? very confused. I'm also at max level but i don't see how that would make a difference.

Additional details - 2 years ago

also, this is the pc version from steam, without mods or plugins and without the expansion. Just plain old Skyrim.

Accepted Answer

From: CamelChip579208 2 years ago

Yep, it's an Easter Egg for all platforms. Here's my source. Best one ever.

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