Answered Questions

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
A Night To Remember STUCK!?!?! 2
Are radiant quests infinite? 2
Are there only 30 Crimson Ninroots? 7
Arkay what do i do now? 1
Azura's broken star code? 3
Becoming Thane of Riften: stuck at skooma dealer quest? 1
Blood on the Ice Conclusion (Minor Spoilers)? 2
Boethiah's Calling - How to use Pillar of Sacrifice? 7
Can anyone help me with blackreach? 2
Can't join Thieves Guild? 2
Carriage problem? 1
Completing main quest question..? 3
Cornered Rat quest,Esbern didn't want to open his cell door,any suggestions? 14
Dark Brotherhood Stone of Barenziah? 1
Discerning the transmundane again? 3
Discerning the transmundane? 1
Elder Scroll? 3
Esbern is stuck at his door, how can I get him free? 3
Forsworn Conspiracy Wayleth Evidence? 1
Getting Married? 4
Glitched Quest (of Nyan?) 1
HELP can't find eorlund(WARNING spoilers)? 1
Help getting past quest glitches? 3
House in windhelm? 2
How can i cure Lycanthropy ? 6
How can I meet Hircine? 1
How can i opem the door for kilkreath ruin? the break of dawn 4
How come General Tullius is still at Solitude when trying to do the Battle for Windhelm quest? 2
How do I advance the A Night to Remember quest? 1
How do I become a thane in Dawnstar (a bug)? 6
How do I find Nimri's sister Rayda's body? 1
How do I find the Unreleting Voice shout? 3
How do I get Derkeethus out of Darkwater Pass? 1
How do i get Olava The Feeble to Predict my fortune? 1
How do I get the fragment of Wuuthrad at Faldor's tooth? 1
How do I get through Break of Dawn without falling? 1
How do i join the dark brotherhood ? 2
How do I kill Paarthurnax? 7
How do I level up my vampire? 1
How do I open sapphire claw door? 3
How do I solve Mzulft? 7
How do I solve Rescue from Fort Kastav? 1
How do I solve the first puzzle during Under Saarthal? 1
How do I start Lost Knowledge? 1
How do I start the thieves guild quests? 3
How do I unequip Ring of Hircine? 2
How do you start Blood on the Ice(or whatever it's called)? 3
I hate red meat? 1
Invocation of Azura book quest won't update? 1
Is there a quest for a master restoration spell? 1
Lost chance for dragon items? 2
Marriage quest difficulties (maybe bug)? 1
Master Destruction spell quest? 1
Master Illusion spell quest? 1
Mission: Blindsighted Locate Mercener..? 1
Please help esbern audio files,cannot download them from the hosting site earlier posted ? 1
Return to your Roots? 1
Scoundrel's Folly not starting? 1
Scroll of madness? 1
Sneak necessary for Dark Brotherhood and Thieve's quest? 3
Stuck in Bleak Falls dungeon? 2
Stuck on Madesi's quest.. (not the thieves guild one) !? 2
Tending the Flames - Where is Jorn? 1
The Forsworn Conspiracy, Is it a bad quest I shouldn't complete? 1
Thieves guild quest problem ? 2
Trouble in Skyrim ? 1
Volyskygge quest help? 1
What shout do I use to speak to the leader of the graybeards? 1
what's the non-violent solution to saving Thorald Greymane? 8
Where can I find the Quill of Gemination? 1
Where is Clavicus Vile's Shrine? 5
Where is the Redguard woman you have to find in Whiterun? 3

Item Location Help Answers
Alchemy and Smithing? 2
Any houses? 2
Are human souls better than creature souls? 5
Are there item codes for daedra hearts and grand soul gems (grand) ? 3
Bodyguard/folowers? 1
Book of standing stones? 2
Commuting to Bard's college is killing me!? 2
Crimson Nirnroot? 2
Curious Silver Mold ? 2
Daedra Heart(s) location, pls..? KOOONTOOOLOOONGLOOO X0 3
Do companions hold morals? 3
Do Thief NPC's actually steal from people and chests, etc? 1
Dragon armor Vs Daedric? 3
Dragon Armor? 3
Dragon Bones and Dragon Scales? 2
Dravins bow? 1
Ebony Blade won't upgrade? 2
Gallus's Encoded Journal stuck in inventory? 5
Gave myself the Skeleton Key through the console but it still breaks (should be unbreakable)? 1
Grand staff of charming help? 1
How can a remove a soul but keep the Soul Gem? 2
How can I create an elixir? 2
How can I make powdered mammoth tusk? 2
How do I enchant other item types? 3
How do I get into Saathal Shrine? 1
How do I get rid of bugged quest items? 1
How do I make a weakness to poison, lingering poison health, damange health vial? 1
How do i make black soul gems? 2
how do I stop being a vampire? 1
How do you re-fill your weapon enchants? 1
How do you trap a soul and transfer to the Soul Gem? 2
How to find more/rarer items in chests? 1
How to get soul trap? 3
How to I mahe Iorn ingots? 3
I can't get my item upgraded to legendary? 2
I have Dragon Souls absorbed but can't get them to fill shouts. What gives? 1
Is there a control in this game to pick up an item, without actually putting it into the inventory? 1
Is there a Fortify Enchantment enchantment? 1
Item codes for dragon scale and dragon bone? 4
Jewellers? 2
Krosis? 3
Leveled gear? 1
Loading Screen Weapon? 1
Mammoth tusk? 2
Negative Archery Penalty? 1
Open lock spell? 4
Pickaxe? 2
Player.placeatme cheat help? 1
Rumours of reusable black soul gem? 2
Shadowmere and Frost? 1
Should I pick up all the skill books? 1
Soul Fragments? 4
Swim like a fish in the sea? 1
Thieves guild armor, how do I get the console to work? 1
Using the console command question? 1
What is the code for weapons? 1
What items can make an enchantment ? 1
Where are my horses?? 1
Where are the Stones of Barenziah located? 1
Where can I find a Legendary Dragon? 1
Where can I find a weapon that has a banish enchantment? 5
Where can I find adept and higher spells? 2
Where can I find dragon bone weapons? 1
Where can I find flawless sapphire? 1
Where can I find Grand Souls for The Black Star? [SPOILER] 2
Where can I find greater ward spell tome? 1
Where can I find higher level illusion spells? 7
Where can I find Leather and Iron ingots? 1
Where can I find steel ore? 4
Where can I find the eight lich masks? 1
Where can I find the ores for blacksmithing? 3
Where can I find Void Salts? 2
Where can I find/farm ebony ingot? 3
Where can I get common and petty soul gems? 2
Where do sold items go? 1
Where is Ghostblade? 2
Where is the best place to sell your stuff? 8
Why aren't Grindstones & Workbenches working? 1
Why can't I drop or sell any of the 20 Amulet of Talos that I have? 2

Technical Help Answers
"You Are In Combat" problem help please? 1
About shouts? Possible shout spoilers 2
Any idea what is wrong with my save? 1
Arrow keys won't work when trying to scroll down thru my inventory Can you help? 1
Broken dual wield? 1
Can I play skyrim with my NVIDIA G210M graphics card? 1
Can this run Skyrim? 3
Can't start "Pieces of the Past"? 1
Carriage Drivers? 1
Changed the bound keys and cannot now make any more favourites? 3
Consle help? 1
Console Command to Remove Vampirism? 2
Data Files not clickable? 4
Do the fame and infamy statistics have ANY effect on gameplay? 1
Does deleting skyrim delete all your data files? 1
Elisif bug? 1
Esburn troubles? 2
Game crashed nearly every place? 1
Game requirements? 1
How can I fix my Left Hand Attack from being in slow motion? 1
How do I find out the console id of a spell? 1
How do you make multiple save files? 1
How does one make a follower essential (imortal) in Skyrim? 1
How to fix the key bindings broken by 1.3 patch? 1
Internet requierd? 7
Is there a way to reset your character model? 1
Is there any way to get better versions of the Soul Trap enchantment? 1
Meaningless leveling? 1
Mods? 1
One handed skill bug? 1
One-Handed skill penalty bug? 1
Options doesn't show my graphics card? 2
Overwrite/replace? 1
Patch? 1
Patches and Downloads? 1
PC Specs? 2
Random CTD? 1
Skyrim crashes to desktop without error message? (possible mod conflict,please help!) 1
Skyrim is lagging/jittering. Any way to make it smoother? 4
So exactly what do I need to play with an xbox controller? 1
Steam Hearthfire crashing? 2
The Forsworn Conspiracy Very strange Quest bug? 1
Timed crashes? 1
Werewolf revisited? / Console on PS3? 1
What is the code to end a quest? 1
Where did dawnbreaker go? 1
Why are my graphics bugged? 2
Why do I have CTD in some period of time? 1
Why does my New Game wont Start? 1
Why is the first person view violently jerking around? 1
Why my two-handed skill decreased? 1
Wierd Loading? 1
Will these mods work? 1
Would I be able to run Skyrim? 1
Would this PC be able to run skyrim? 2

Other Help Answers
"Find the copy of N'Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis!" quest bugged? 6
*Spoilers* replacement Jarls? 1
Am I able to change my characters appearance? 2
Any child? 1
Best one handed weapon? 1
Boethiah's Calling glitch? 1
Burning Questions, Help? 1
Byrloff alternate route? 1
Can Followers be taught to use Magic Tomes? 2
Can i join different Guilds? 1
Can I return to Skuldafn? 1
Can someone help me please? 1
Can you be a werewolf and a vampire at the same time for xbox 360? 1
Can you call your horse in skyrim? 2
Can you clone or make doppelgangers? 1
Can you create your own spells like you could in Oblivion? 2
Can you unlearn cirtain Magic? 2
Can you use the command promp for things other than cheats? 1
Changing from first person to third? 4
Chest Capacity? 2
Console command ridable lydia? 1
Console Commands not working? 6
Crafting related? 1
Cure for vampirism? 5
Daeridic Hearts? 2
Dawnguard PC? 2
Dawnguard quest console commands not working? 1
Deardic prince other half of the story? 1
Debt collector? companion guild? 1
Delvin/Vex wont give me any more windhelm jobs, help? 1
Destruction damage perks and skill reset? 1
Divorce? 3
Do dungeons respawn? 3
Do Items placed in a house stay there? 4
Do mage robes count as light armor? 1
Do winterhold guards respawn? 2
Does telekinesis hurt people? 1
Dragon souls? 3
Dual spells? 3
Faendal no follow option? 1
Favorites bug??? 1
Headless Horseman (or something similar)? 1
Heavy weight ? 1
Help me find which mods cause CTD please? 1
Help removing my right hand magic spell? 1
Help with Enthir? (POSSIBLE SPOILERS) 3
Help with faendal? 1
How can I de-decapitate my Dragonborn? 2
How do i break down an enchantment? 1
How do I get Hadvar to stop following me? 3
How do I get perk points back? 1
How do i improve already unlocked shouts? 1
How do I lose Bounty? ( I'd rather not kill a tone of soldiers too) 1
How do I remove Vampirism? 12
How do I use Histskin and words of power? 2
How do I use prid cheat and then moveto player cheat at the same time? 2
How do I use Wooden Mask? 1
How do I wield two weapons? 1
How do you 'reverse pickpocket?' 1
How do you cast spells? 2
How do you enchant? 2
How do you get a spouse? 1
How do you name your horse? 8
How do you turn the pillars in Folgunthar? 1
How to COMPLETELY erase Skyrim from your computer? 1
How to connect an xbox360 controller to skyrim? 1
How to create legendary items? 3
How to drag dead body? 1
How to get people not to attack me? 3
How to manipulate the console commands? 1
How to take screenshots? 1
How to trigger Discerning the Transmundane quest? 1
Huroki in Markarth marryable? 1
I finished clearing out wolfskull cave but I can't find a way out. Help? 10
I used cheat codes and now my Dragon Souls are in minus. PLEASE help? 1
If I become a vampire lord will I also gain all the abilities of a normal vampire? 1
If i buy the digital download of Skryim with gamestop will it still be linked to Steam? 1
Improperly Calculating Armor Rating? 1
In the Nightingale Hall When I pull the chain it tells me that it's not the right time . how to go? 1
Iron ore? 1
Is it possible to abandon a quest? 3
Is it possible to become a vampire? 2
Is it possible to re-enter Cidhna Mine after The Forsworn Conspiracy to mine the ore? 2
Is the body parts of dwemer robots useful? 2
Is there a console command to increase/decrease vampirism stages? 1
Is there a way to get your gems appraised without joining the thieves guild? 1
Is there any other copies of: "The Mirror"? 1
Level Scaling? 1
Map - Can I disable/hide my current location? 1
Maps? 2
Mod for serana? 1
Moving - cannot run? 2
Not so psychic? 1
Possible Markarth Glitch? 1
Preview was wrong(health per level)? 2
Purity of Revenge - Quest form ID? 1
Quest didn't start? 1
Question About Dragon Shouts? 3
Question about followers? 1
Revealing The Unseen/Paratus Decimus Glitch? 1
Saarthal Escivation site key? 1
Scroll the console box? 1
Set barter gold? 1
Setting PC Fame? 1
Skyrim not installing for me ? 1
Skyrim VS Dark Souls? 1
Skyrim-PC... German version? 1
Speach trainer? 1
Spouse? 1
Steam? 3
Stones of Barenziah fix? 1
Stormcloak or Imperial, which is better to join (for rewards)? 1
Stuck on Thieves Guild bug ? 11
The best easiest way to get money? 2
This is to help not answer question? 1
Unable to unlock shouts? 4
Vampire Lord power bite attack? 1
What does Dwemer Convector do? 3
What is required in order for me to smith Legendary Daedric Armour? 1
What is the attack or speed of Bound Spell's Weapon? 3
What is the best house in Skyrim? 11
What is the cheat code for Dragonbones and scales? 1
What is the console command for moving an NPC to you or you to it? 5
What is the game code to increase perks? 1
What is the max level your character can become? 2
Where can I buy dogs other than Markath? 1
Where can one find all the Elf races? 1
Where do I find my titles? 2
Where is Tonilia? 1
Which is the best Bow in Skyrim? 1
Which mage is best for my female altmer? 1
Who is the Headless Horseman? 1
Why do I take magicka penalty? 1
Why does Astrid attack me on sight every time I enter the Dark Brotherhood? 1
Why does the "advskill" cheat not work with archery and Speech? 1
Will I be able to run Skyrim? 1
Will I have any problems using old saves? 1
Will it be possible to mod the game if we bought it on Steam ? 1
Will it run? 1
Will Skyrim be 360 controller ready for PC? 3
Will Skyrim run on this laptop? 1
Will the giants extinct? 3
Will the item I drop disappear? 2
Wolf Pelt or Bear Pelt Additem codes? 1

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