Open Questions

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Barbas a daedras best friend annoying bug (please help, frustrated)? 0
Can anyone help with main quest (elder knowledge)? 0
Can I get married in solitude outside the temple of the divines? *new* 0
Can't start trinity restored? 0
FALSE FRONT QUEST - Dawnstar guards keep attacking me? 0
How do I start Blood's Honor Quest? 0
I can't start the quest Elder Knowledge. Does anyone know what to do? 0
Maramal wont let me get married! What do I do? 0
Speaking with Silence bug? 0
Ysoldas shippment bug Ulag not in cave? 0
"Revealing the Unseen" Aedrome Puzzle Bug? 5
After killing Alduin which quests should I continue to finish the story mode? 8
Brnjlof doesnt speak to me? 4
Can I get the ebony blade I have finished the civil war as a stormcloak and married unsold a? 3
Can't progress in Horn of Jurgen Windcaller? 3
Civil War Questline bugged out. How to fix? 2
Dawnguard Vampire Lord glitch/bug? 1
Deadric quest Whispering Door help? 2
Delphine Won't Talk After Beating Dragon? 2
Did I just break Dainty Sload Quest? 1
Difference between ravage and lingering of alchemy? 2
Does the quest from Molag Bal affect the one from Boethia? 2
Door wont open in quest: To Catch a Rat? 4
Escape from Bloodskal Barrow? 1
Find the source of power in Kilkreath ruin ? 3
Finishing Meridia's Quest? 4
Game bugged at the end of "Blindsighted" quest? 1
Have key to Mzulft door- but can't use it? 1
Having issues with No Stone Unturned. Please help? 4
Help with thieves quild quests? 6
Hircine not appering at the end of Ill Met by Moonlight? 1
How can I get past the first room in Folgunthur? 1
How can I meet Malacath? 2
How can I meet Vaermina? 2
How can I start civil war quests? 2
How di get to lisbets shipment in Serpent's bluff? 1
How do I activate dwarven machine in Raldbthar deep market? 1
How do I cure myself of vampirism? 5
How do I get a quest from Frida in Dawnstar? 1
How do I get past this bug on the Elder Knowledge quest? *SPOILERS* 2
How do i get rid of bugged Valdr Hunting Party quest? 1
How do I get the "collect 15 daedric artifacts" completed? 5
How do I join the companions? 2
How do I marry Scouts-Many-Marshes? 2
How do I proceed through Folgunthur? 4
How do I regain quests that have randomly dropped out of my quest journal? 1
How do I reset the cannibal quest in Hall Of The Dead? [Markarth] 1
How do I solve (the forsworn conspiracy)in markarth? 4
How do I solve (the shill job thieves guild quest)? 2
How do I solve (War of the First Council)? 1
How do I solve Dampened Spirits (Thieve's Guild)? 7
How do I solve forbidden legend? 2
How do I solve getting to the upper level at stoney creek cave? 2
How do I solve quest (Hired Muscle)? 1
How do I solve the Folgunthur Puzzle? 1
How do I solve the horn of jorgen windblower? 2
How do I solve the quest to find the cermonial sword and axe in volderund? 4
How do I solve this investigate? 1
How do I talk to esbern? 6
How do you examine the scene? 2
How to get the dialogue to become Thane of Haafingar? 1
I can't give any of the items to delvin in the theive's guild?? 1
Main quest completion question ? 2
Main quest vanishes? 1
Markath guards gone mad. Help? 1
Marriage bug or something else? 2
Marriage? 2
Marrying scout many marshes? 1
No eorlund at funeral??? 1
Nothing is happening, what do i do? 3
On compelling tribute im trying to find the scout to ambush the caravan to solitude does anyone know where it is? 2
Reunfication of Skyrim - Pale Camp bugs someone help? 1
Reyda's remains dungeon.. can't lower the draw bridge? 4
Sam Guevenne wont spawn at all in the final area of "A night to remember"? 1
Season Unending - jarl ulfric didn't wanted to leave and everybody else turned gaze to esbern,any ideas ? 4
Speak to tonilia about exhanging a piece of armor wont trigger? 1
Stuck in the nightingale hall. Help somebody? 3
The fallen quest wont let me complete talking to arngeir, please help? 1
The fight to fix the Esbern bug continues! Can anyone help me out? 6
Torygg's war horn where to put? 2
Two Quests can not be completed? Bard's Colleage - Find Rjorn's Drum / Find the book Wolf Queen V6 1
What happens if you murder a quest NPC? No spoilers 4
When to download Dawnguard? 2

Item Location Help Answers
Are there other items stronger then the forgemaster fingers? 7
Besides Mzulft, where else can I find huge amounts of dwarven scrap metal? 4
Best assassin armor? 8
Can i get them back? 2
Cant find the focusing crystal in Mzulft? 3
Daedric vs. Dragonbone? 4
Do item enchantments (Skills and resists) stack? 2
Do shields conflict with the Mage Armor perk? 2
Do the Crimson Nirnoots in Blackreach respawn? 3
Does the armor rating on psijic armor interfere with the mage armor perk (alteration)? 2
Ebony Claw could this item be sold. HELP!? 1
Finding Balmora Blue during The Dainty Sload? 1
Help! Falmer Helmet and Krosis glitch!? 1
Help! Gave both my axes the same enchant....? 5
How are armor/weapon values defined? 4
How can I improve am item twice? 3
How do I add a functioning white phial to my inventory? 2
How do i use the setscale console comand on an item? 1
How do you place items on shelves and tables? 4
I can't find a copy of Invocation of Azura? 1
In Skyrim, what is the maximum fortify skill enchantment possible/the maximum fortify skill potion possible? 3
LockPick? Where can i buy them? 5
Mage Armor perk help please? 1
Moving things around? 3
My thieves guild tribute chest in Skyrim has stayed empty? 2
No more arrow glitch?? 2
Overdraw 5/5 doubles DPS? 1
Pelagius' hip bone? 5
qasmoke container codes DLC? 1
Shovel? 1
Stahlrim short bow when using skyre? PLEASE HELP! 1
Transmute mineral ore? 2
Were to find other types of gear besides iron?? Like Deadrea, mithrill, amber and so forth 8
What are these gauntlets?? 1
What is needed to operate the Dwarvan Mechanism at the end of: under the glacier? 2
What's the difference between these archery mods? 2
When can I buy apprentice robes of destruction? 2
Where are the Stones of Barenziah located? 2
Where can I buy enchanted Wepons? 2
Where can I find (Melaran's gold and ruby circlet)? 1
Where can I find a necktie? 1
Where can I find alchemy healing potion items? 2
Where can I find Emeralds? 2
Where can I find lust currupted heart ? 1
Where can I find my wife? 1
Where can I find The Morrowind Temple? 1
Who buys Alto wine? 4
Why can't I give the second Eye of the Falmer to Delvin? Is this a glitch or is only one of them supposed to be given? 3
Why does my Fortify Alchemy only go to +20% base? 1

Technical Help Answers
"Not enough magicka" with a mod costumed spell how to fix? 0
A mod is in the game even when I set it not to load!? 0
About Forgotten Magic Redone, How arcane Weapon works? 0
Accidently disabled "the underforge" door in whiterun. Can anyone help? 0
Aela The Huntress is a Blade HELP? 0
Audio broken? 0
Auto-save, but not Auto-save? 0
Boethiah's Calling Pillar of Sacrifice Glitch? 0
Buzzing noise playing games but especially skyrim. What can I do to stop it? 0
Can you help me with my load order please? 0
CTD and Frame Rate drops happen often, how can I stop them? 0
Deleting Skyrim and starting over? 0
Does the set level command change scaling? 0
ENB Grainy/Grid effect (most noticeable on shadows)? 0
Game acting as if "Battle for Whiterun" is still ongoing? 0
Game crashing to desktop (CTD) without error? 0
game keeps crashing? (Possible mod problems) 0
Game Not Working -The Skyrim Application Keeps Closing. What?? 0
Game silent crashes to desktop at random? 0
GTX 950 Performance? 0
Help with balencing character, cheat with console? 0
How do I get the werewolf summons(totem of the moon/brotherhood) to actually attack? 0
How do I give my followers their own beds? 0
How do you get HTD breast collision to work? 0
How do you make a custom race that gets reacted to like another race? 0
I can't deciefer my crash log at all, can you please help me? 0
I can't get into certain locations without an endless loading screen like high hrothgar or the ragged falcon? 0
I can't get into High Hrothgar eather endless loading screen or crash? 0
I can't get into Markath, why? 0
I can't get through the Skyrim splash screen Help? 0
I can't run or jump? 0
I Keep getting a script error that breaks my game can any one help? 0
I'm stuck on sneak mode? 0
In the Creation Kit, how do I get an actor's favor level to go up or down when you use certain dialogue lines? 0
Installed Legendary Pack, Game Won't Save Now.. Help? 0
is there a mod for Skyrim that gives you unlimited everything? 0
Is this a good nightblade build? 0
Ive Had Some bad freezes. how do i fix it? 0
Lag on naming character and save CTD? 0
Laptop Specs? 0
Lookup Failed? 0
Marry Any Npc Commands not working? 0
Merchant Trade windows lagging? 0
Mod List Question ? 0
My character keeps taking out their weapon at random times. Please Help? 0
My quests are stuck? 0
No error message ? 0
No error message ? 0
Non-vanilla music keeps playing over and over, even in taverns and interiors? 0
PerMa Mod's Patcher nullpoint exception (?) 0
Poor mod list still CTD please help? 0
Quest No One Escapes Cindha Mine doesn't start? 0
Realistic Needs and Diseases won't work? 0
Reset AFT causes CTD - Help? 0
Revealing the unseen stuck at barrier ? 0
Runtime Error r6030, help? 0
Saving and sometimes entering buildings causes CTD? - I have NEVER done the Dawnstar nightmare quest. 0
Serena refuses to follow me? 0
showRaceMenu not changing hairstyle or eye color? 0
Skyrim CTD on first character creation? 0
Skyrim launcher looping, cannot play (on Steam)? 0
Skyrim no dynamic contrast... constant lighting how? 0
Skyrim sound bug? 0
Skyrim vampire eyes are missing??????????? 0
So I messed up my game with Skyrim mods... Help? 0
some NPCs never ever die or bend after killing , solutions? 0
some NPCs never ever die or bend after killing , solutions? 0
Sooo my quest markers are completely broken...? 0
The game does not let me start a new game? 0
Trying to get Splash screen with SKSE launcher to work. Help? 0
When I sleep after completing 'Innocence Lost' I am not in the shack and cannot move. Anyone know this issue? 0
Why are there 2 ortjorfs in castle vohikar? 0
Why can't I see anything in Interior? 0
Why do all my daggers suddenly suck? 0
Why does changing Movement Type affect Animations in game? 0
Why does my character have a weird magic stance? 0
Why does my game appear so bright with my enb series? 0
Why does the game keeps freezing at the Time Wound during the quest Alduin's Bane? 0
Why does weaponspeedmult not catch up and how can I fix it? 0
Why I can't hear NPCs talking sometimes? 0
Why i can't hire steward on skyrim legendary edition??? 0
Why is COT - weather patch not recognizing climatesoftamriel.esm? 0
Why is my save folder 111 mB? 0
Why is my screen flickering/pulsing when playing skyrim? 0
Why is the screen of my edges blurry? 0
Why the "attend to your wedding" quest doesnt trigger after waiting? 0
Wrong cursor position in sneak mode, any help? 0
[HELP]Random Crashing and Freezing? 0
Alduins wall glitch? 1
All saves suddenly corrupted. what do? 1
Annoying glitch! Can anyone help? 1
Anybody know how to get Skyrim meshes into Blender version 2.66? 1
Anyone help me with sound troubles please? 3
Anyone know of a mod that flips around the model for Studded Armor? 1
At launch, Skyrim autodetects, changes my settings to default and somehow removes my save files. What to do? 1
Autoscrolling? 1
Beast Mode(werewolf) too short ? 1
Before I buy this laptop, can it run Skyrim? 4
Better graphics card? 2
Bug in "Bound Until Death" - Quest Won't Start? 1
Bug- Can't trigger animation sequence for alchemy, enchanting and certain quests ? 1
Can anybody help with my mod load order? 2
Can anyone help me get Skyrim to run? 3
Can anyone help with a weird visual error? 2
Can somebody please help with third person camera problem??? 1
Can you move your character with the mouse instead of WASD? 3
Can't enter Arkngthamz. Loading screen,no object,no text just smoke? 2
Can't save - why are my files vanishing? 1
Cant kill Arcano bug? 2
Cant start certain quests? 1
Civil War lag? 1
CK acting up when previewed? 1
Console codes for becoming thane of riften? 1
Crashing problem? 2
Creation Kit? 1
Disconnected from reality? 1
Do the Custom Fit and Well Fitted perks affect the opposite armor they say they do? 1
Does anyone know the system requirements for the PC version of Skyrim? 5
Does Your E Key Function Properly? 1
Extreme lag and load time error? 1
F key not working, can't switch to 3rd person ever? 3
Finn's Lute bug/trouble? 1
Follower inventory gone for custom armor? 1
Game crashes after Bethesda Logo? 3
Game keeps crashing on intro scene (no error)? 1
Hardware for Ultra Settings? 1
Having trouble with my mods? 1
Hearthfire not loading onto game? 1
Help with key bindings ......apparently i need a question mark up here somewhere???? 1
HELP! Companion quest proving honor bugged! I cant continue? 1
Help! Delphine bug!? 1
Horse mounting and sitting glitch? 1
How can I fix or restore Lydia from Creation Kit gray face? (tried normal fix) 1
How can i remove directional sound? 1
How can I return my snowy skyrim? 1
How can I tell if I have the texture pack DLC installed and Running? 2
How can I uninstall skyrim without deleting mods? 1
How do I clear these bugged miscellaneous quests? 3
How do I disable kill cams? 1
How do I take screenshot when prtsc button not working? 1
How do I unequip a Magick thats on the Right-Hand on the PC version? 3
How to drag things? 6
how to remove Quest items from inventory? 2
I bought the game and install it in steam , i can't play it . what should i do ? 1
I can't activate lexicon receptacle!? 1
I can't find my TESV.exe file to run SKSE, what do I do? 1
I can't move left or right in Character Creation menu - Ideas? 1
I cant sleep or wait in anywhere, why? 4
I do not understand this error does anyone have some advice? 1
I don't know what mod is causing this? 1
I have a very bad frame can I fix it? 2
I have the Legendary version of skyrim, but the dlc won't work at all? Please HELP! 4
I keep getting that "Your game is NOT supported" error, but I don't have any mods! Help!? 1
I wanna buy a new pc & need PRO help (requiriments,etc)? 1
I'm having a weird graphic glitch about lighting effects.What's going on? 1
I've been running Skyrim on my 09 MacBookPro and It periodically freezes to load.? 2
If I use console command to get all perks, will that mess up the skill level? 2
Is there a console command to gain/remove lycantrophy? 1
Is there a fix for that annoying wrist seam on the arms of the vanilla male body model? 1
Juggernaut perk glitch? 1
Keeps zooming out? 2
Left mouse click doesn't work on favorties selection? 1
Main quest help? (possible spoilers) 2
Missing texture and/ graphic problems w/ CTD??? 1
My equipment weight is in the negative, how do I fix this? 1
My game crashes when I go to Lakeveiw Manor? 1
My game CTDs after fast travel and just several missions cause this too.. Can I fix this I am using Mod Organizer? 1
MY game keep getting a black screen? 2
My shouts have no cooldown and can't charge? 1
No Data Files in the Legendary Edition? 1
NPC dialog bug causing NPCs to say wrong lines? 1
Once the game is installed with steam, is it possible to run it in stand alone mode (not conneced to internet)? 1
Opening scene never loads properly/no sound? 1
PC - getting my bow to work with quick slots? 1
Problem with "Rested" bonus? 1
Purple/pink Skill tree ? 1
Quest markers not showing up? 1
Quest won't activate? 2
Rapid Scrolling? 1
Report to Jarl? 2
Screen Recorder Problems? 1
Serana does not have an option to follow anymore? 1
Serana stopped being my follower (dawnguard)? 1
Skse. Where do i go to turn mods on and off? 1
Skyrim crashes when i have one mod activated? 1
Skyrim creation kit my windows are too big any soulutions? 1
Skyrim glitch: I can't speak with most NPCs. how can this be fixed, and what is the problem? 1
Skyrim with quad-core processor 1.7 ghz? 1
Skyrim wont launch.because of mods? 4
Skyrim-infinite loading times?? 1
Skyrim/Mod Organizer Windowed Mode? 1
Sound problem: first person rustling noise? 1
SPOILERS - Crashing when I go to the crystals in the Soul Cairn. Anyone know the problem? 1
Strange Crash from rendering frames and texture loading? 0
The Companion Hates Me?!?!?! 1
The game runs, but the screen is really glitched out? 1
The Quest "find the black book in benkongerike" wont clear? 1
user account control keeps asking if I will alow the program to make changes to the computer why? 1
Were is my d3d9.dll? 3
What are the requirements to play this "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" on my P.C? 1
When I download a mod on Skyrim, it crashes right after the Bethesda logo loads? 4
When I enter a town the town renders like i'm looking at it from far away, how can i fix this? 1
Where is Belathor? He is missing form his store. 2
Where's the fire and frost? 2
Why am I not able to save my game? 1
Why are my custom NPCs wandering out of town when they should be sleeping? 1
Why can I not look left or right while walking or running? In Oblivion you could turn/look around while in motion. 3
Why can I not look left/right while walking or running? In Oblivion you could turn/look around while in motion. 1
Why can I only talk to guards? 1
Why can't I craft/destroy ANYTHING? 1
Why can't I get battle music to stop playing? 4
Why can't I interact with any Alchemy tables or Arcane enchanters? 2
Why can't I see any of my spells? 3
Why cant a get the otpion to buy a house? 1
Why cant I start the quest Bandit Attack? 2
why does a frost dragon always atttack winterhold whenever I fast travel there? 2
Why does Esbern doesn't talk? 1
Why does Lydia still think she's my follower? 2
Why does my game keep crashing when I try to unlock a Shout? 4
Why does my Game keeps Minimizing Every 1 Minute?! Please Help.. 1
Why does skyrim crash after 1 minute of gameplay!!? 1
Why does Skyrim crashes upon loading, saving and everything inside a dungeon? 1
Why does the console spam two lines of "getcurrenttime" whenever the player.additem command is used? 1
Why does the game keep doing this ? 1
Why does the game keep exiting when I try to Smith, etc.? 1
Why does the game keep reviving saved games? 1
Why does the game keep telling me "this game cannot be installed"? 2
Why does the game keep telling me iscurrentfurnitureobj>>0.00 when i try the advskill console command? 1
Why doesn't Hermaeus Mora finish Miraak off? 1
Why doesn't the game let me fight the last battle of the Quest? 1
Why dose my game crash to blue screen when loading game? 2
Why is brinyolf ignoring me? 1
Why is it that in first person mode fire effects create a pulsing effect? 1
Why is my character getting taller? 1
Why is the game play so slow? 1
Why Wont all of the Sound files work? 1
Why wont the battle music play? 1
Will my laptop run the game ? 2
Will this computer run Skyrim ? 1
Will uninstalling mods help my game run better? 1
Would someone be able to help me with modding Skyrim? 1

Other Help Answers
(Mod) Extreme Materials Mod Uninstall Breaks Forge and other things alike? 0
Alchemy and Smithing Bug. Low tier craftables even with 100 skill and perks? 0
Any mod to allow all NPC's with Lycanthropy to transform unlimited times? 0
Any mods that allow you to be 100% invisible while sneaking? 0
Bannered Mare stuck door? 0
Can anyone help me with this? 0
Can I marry someone a second time? *new* 0
Can I replace those ugly decorations out? 0
Can I transfter Xbox add-one into pc? 0
Can I transfter Xbox add-one into pc? 0
Can i use my normal enchanted items if i revert back from vampire mode? 0
Can someone help me with Creation Kit? 0
Can someone tell me how to fix this? 0
Can't find Gjolund Salt-Sage? 0
Cant find a mod...? 0
Cant uninstal joy of perspective mod? 0
Could I run Skyrim smoothly? ...Or not? 0
Could someone please help with the console commands? 0
Dawnguard or Dragonborn for a brawler? 0
Divorced with console commands and now can't remarry? 0
Does anyone know if skyrim edrs v will run on windows 10 ? 0
Does the weapon type matter ? 0
Dragon Priest Mask Affecting Armor Rating? 0
Everyone who is at season unending quest still acts like they are there still? 0
Good Side Quests For A Ranger? 0
Help with finding a mod? 0
Help: MALE face mods/textures/whatever? 0
Here there be monsters bugged ? 0
How do I get BodySlider to work? 0
How do I get out of Reachwater Rock? 0
How do I install aMidianBorn Book of Silence armor pack manually? 0
How do I put skyrim rasor1911 on a flash drive? 0
How do I revert back to my original race???? 0
How do I switch spells without going to the menu? Ive seen some people do this. 0
How do you decrease text size in console? 0
How the thalmor could be completely overrun? 0
How to alter enchantments of unique items with CK? 0
How to be a dremora? i found out! 0
How to i get specific/modded follower? *new* 0
How to lower the draugr shout sound volume? 0
How to view actual armor rating in menu? 0
I can't buy heljarchen hall?!!! 0
I can't find my wife after our wedding? 0
I can't rehire Belrand? 0
I don't have the fire breath shout after getting It from hermaeus mora, help? 0
If you could be anyone, who would you be? 0
Is my spawn system screwed ? 0
Is there a way that I can put texture/shader mods on skyrim (ps3)? 0
Is there any frostbite spiders in the Dragonborn dlc? 0
Is there any way to stop draugr deathlords from spamming unrelenting force? 0
It's chaos because I got married? 0
Macbook air 2013? 0
Missing pet! Why? 0
Mod to change enemy apperance? 0
Mods don't have voices for NPC's? 0
Morokei battle glitched out, possibly glitched AI system? (MODS INSTALLED) 0
My game wont stop completing my quests after using the cheat for it. does it complete the whole game? 0
My Skyrim doesn't look right. Plz help!? 0
Need help with body mods? 0
No sound from mods? 0
NPC Dialogue Bug? 0
One handed + shield or two handed on Legendary difficulty? 0
Only getting 12 FPS average on good computer? 0
OP Enchantments, Help me FIX IT please? 0
Perk/Level Caps: Do they exist and what are they? (More of a general answer than a question) 0
Pleaze help me..? 0
Problems with the quest Elder Knowledge? 0
Resurrect horse? 0
Revenge Of the Enemies or High Level Enemies? 0
Season unending consequences if skipped? 0
SkyRe - patch 1.3 Agronian ? 0
Skyrim Ninja Combat mod? 0
Skyrim redone how do i get vanilla potions back? 0
Stormcloak quest messed up by completing main storyline? 0
The items always re-spawn? 0
The perks concerns the modded weapons? 0
The thane still can't get dawnstar deed(bug)? 0
This isnt a question i just wanna say i found out how to kill kids in skyrim without a mod(ignore this question mark)? 0
What is the code to reacquire a quest previously deleted? 0
What mods are best for me? 0
What's the weirdest glitch you've ever had? 0
Where does this mod take place? 0
Who are your favorite followers? 0
Who is the best follower? 0
Who Would Win? 0
Whom to adopt in skyrim? 0
Why am I stuck casting or attacking? 0
Why are my housecarls disobedient? 0
Why does Lucia never leave me alone? 0
Why Skyrim is crashing right after pressing play with installed 3 dlc ? 0
Why Won't Delphine Talk To Me After Renting the Attic Room? 0
[PS3] Stuck in Geirmund's hall due to a glitch. Help me escape? 0
A cornered rat quest bugged? 1
A few minor problems?? 1
A quick crafting question? 3
A VERY annoying bug Help ? 6
Adding unavailable dragon shout? 3
Adopting Sofie bugging? 1
Alchemy Laboratory won't Show up in Breezehome? 2
Alduin's Wall Quest Totally Messed Up? 1
All of my enchanted items provide half of what they should do? 2
Alternative button for 'Mouse Scroll'? 1
Another Farkas glitch? 1
Any good heterochromatic eye mods? (Two different coloured eyes.) 1
Anybody willing to upload a save? 1
Are mods in skyrim the cause of load errors? 3
Are there any commands to disable vampirism ? 4
Assigning two different hotkeys to the same function? 1
Belathor died why wont Ysolda wont take the shop? 2
Bound battle axe glitch? 2
Bug at the the summit of apocrypha? 1
Can I get remarried? 1
Can i have more than one horse? 1
Can I run skyrim? 1
Can lenovo z50 play skyrim? 1
Can Weakness to Sunlight be removed by using the console? 2
Can you pay off your bounty anywhere? 3
Can you recommend very useful, most have mods that dont require or need skse(skyrim script extender) to work? 1
Can your house in Whinterhold get robbed? 1
Cannot Cure my Lycanthropy, HELP? 3
Changing Infamy? 1
Changing language on Steam is it possible? 3
Cheats not working? 2
Color problems? 1
Completed 'Before the Storm', but cannot get 'Bleak Falls Barrow' to start? 1
Completely Mastered Skyrim - What Mods To Overhaul and Enhance Gameplay? 1
Console comand clarification. /What do the numbers mean? 1
Console Command to add quests? 1
Console Command to add skill points? 1
Console Command to resurrect NPCs from cleanup cell? 1
Console Command: Base ID? 1
Console equipping offhand weapons? 1
Console for Delvin to buy Falmer eye? 2
Corrupted save files? 1
Could my PC run this? 1
Creation Kit water animation? 2
Curing Vampirism failed.(?) (PC) 2
Dark Brotherhood with mods? 1
Dawnstar bounty quest bug? 1
Dead Men's Respite ~ Sealed Door Stuck? 3
Dead NPC help? 1
Disease bug? 1
Does Anyone Know Of Any Good Nature Mods? 1
Does Disenchanting affect the strength of an enchantment? 2
Does illusion perks affect enchanted weapon with 'illusion' spell effects? 3
Dragon in Mount Anthor issue? 1
Dragonborn isn't working? 1
Dragonslayer finishing quest messed up? 1
Dual savagery perk? 1
Duel weopons only show after you load a save? 1
End of Main Quest...Without My Follower? 2
Everyone's dead in white run and one npc is trying to kil me? 1
Games for Windows Live Achievements? 2
Get married more than once? 1
Gorm not going to Moorside Inn? 1
Gray-mane but Imperial? 1
Has anyone else enjoyed This? 3
Has anyone else noticed this? 1
Help finding a Follower? 1
HELP NEEDED!! The Immersive armors in the forge are not there? 1
Help please? 1
Help to remove right hand spell? 4
Help with controller ? 1
Help with Perks leveling chart? 3
Help with Skyrim House Mods? 2
Help, can't trade items to people.? 1
Help, I'm trying to get into Nexus but it won't let me, what is going on?! 1
High level enemies in starting area? 1
How can I reset the Ebony Blade? 1
How can i return to normal from a vampire? 3
How can i rotate the items in the PC version of the game? 3
How can you use certain abilities as a werewolf? 2
How do i ? 2
How do i become blood-kin from an orc? 2
How do i complete the thieves guild questline? 1
How do I cure vampirism? 2
How do I get my companion back after I lost her while riding through the woods to Riverwood? 5
How do i get out of the "coc qasmoke" room ? 2
How do I improve Guild Masters Armor? 1
How do I install mods? 2
How do i make villagers like me again? 3
How do i mod? 4
How do I restart a quest? 1
How far can I take console commands ? 1
How far in the main quest do you have to get before you can unlock shouts with dragon souls? 2
How to effectively use Fortify Smiting Potions to get the best Armor Rating? 1
How to find/revive missing Destruction Trainer? 1
How to fix The Pursuit Quest Ramp Bug? 2
How to fix this problem? 2
How to level up restoration and conjuration? 1
How to make this game be full screen? 2
How to reenable tcl in game? 2
How to use console command 'lock'? 5
How to use melee controls? 1
I can't find the option to buy the house in solitude? 1
I can't summon Durnehviir in Apocrypha. Can someone help me? 2
I got skyrim "off the internet", not from steam. will it work with steam? 3
I married Janessa in game but after the ceremony she just dissapeared, could someone please help? 1
I've completed "Discerning the Tansmundane" and I still haven't gotten the Dragon Elder Scroll, can anyone hel 2
I've tempered armr n' wpn better,usual BOW DMG 31%(max enchnt perk)in any smithing spot, but i got myself BOW DMG 91%? 2
Ice wraith head glitched effects? 1
If I get Skyrim Legendary Edition can I still use all my old save files? 1
If you take the key of a followers house, does that mean the house is yours? 3
Illia Follower Glitch? 2
im running Skyrim on ultra. ive compared my default ultra to anther default ultra and mine is really bad. Any help? 1
Im stuck? 1
Im tryin to complete the Battle for Fort Hrradstad but noone is at the fort and no Stormcloak soldiers are there. Help? 3
In Diplomatic Immunity there is a huge bug where there are no guests, and a distraction is needed. Help? 1
Is It Possible to Manually Activate Quests Using Console Commands? 1
Is nightingale armor apart of the advanced armor perk in smithing? 3
Is their a way to use a ps3 controler and a keyboard together? 2
Is there a cheat code ....? 3
Is there a mod to update the Imperial/Stormcloak flags on maps in the holds? 1
Is there a release date for the dragonborn dlc for pc? 1
Is there a subscription fee to play this game? 3
Is there a way to fix a location loop ? 1
Is there any /command to make specific music play ? 1
Is there any way to ride a dragon in Skyrim? 4
Is there still an arena? 1
Is this a bug in triggering the quest: "Under new management"? 2
is this game a download or CD? 1
Level 89 with a cheat...totally worth it what i'm supposed to do now ??? help me 1
Lisette is insulting me! Why? 3
Lost companion in Kilkreath Catacombs? 3
Lost Partner need help? 4
Main quest bugged? 3
Mercer Frey bug? 1
Mod help? 1
Mods for role playing? 1
Moving Family Issues? (Hearthfire) 1
Multiple Playthroughs on One Character? 2
New computer, transfer skyrim game to my new? 3
Nothing that i can do at my 60,is there anything more to be done?? 1
On-Hit Effects While Dual Wielding? 1
Orignal Lydia disapeared from game(PC)..? 1
Please Help ME?!!! 1
Plse explain how to pickup items?. 2
Poison Confirmation Message Removal? 1
Quest completed by itself for no reason? 1
Quest reset console commands not working? 2
Question about the "~" command? 1
Question regarding starter mods, and especially body texture mods? 1
Realistic Dragon Shouts Mod disappeared? 1
Ring around Gildergreen? 1
Roleplaying an Atmoran Snow Elf? Pt1/3 is initial post 1
Should I start my game over if I wasted one perk specifically on swords and one other on conjuration? 3
Skyrim confession? 1
Skyrim Crashes at Diplomatic Immunity? 1
Skyrim disease glitch? I'm told that I'm sick but no sickness is listed in the Active Effect menu. 1
SKYRIM hidden gem mods. Which skyrim mod do you think dont get enough attention? 1
Skyrim Legenday Edition, DATA FILES wont open to alow me to select DLC? 1
SkyUi not working? 2
Some of my mods are not working for skyrim? 2
Spouses won't move into house. Why? 1
Steam Cloud on Skyrim? 3
Stolen Clothes can't be worn? 1
Store inventory stock? 1
Storing bodies for dead thralls? 1
Stuck at the end of a quest - can I abandon? 1
Stuck effect spell BUG? 2
The golden claw? 2
The Stormcloaks or The Empire ? 5
Theives guild - When will Vex and the other guys stop talking to me like I'm new at the guild? 3
Thunderbolt spell on my left hand doesn't do damage. What do I do about this? 2
Using ShowRaceMenu To Change My Race Effect My Perks? 1
Uthgerd the Unbroken - Wedding bug? 2
Well the NPCs respawn after they die? if not can i load a old auto save that has disappeared? 2
Werewolf/Vampire Lord Hybrid? 3
What are the names of male altmers who are good at enchanting and who is the best? 2
What are the sizes of the textures in the High Resolution Texture Pack? 1
What do you get for becoming arch mage? 1
What does the persent means when pickpocketing? 1
What does this mean? :D 1
what is ENB? 1
What is the mod with the cool escape paths and alternate routes? 1
What will happen to the horse Frost? 1
Where can i find a master enchanter to train me? 1
Where is my follower? 3
Where to find a Khajiit spouse? 1
Which house in Skyrim has the most book storage? 6
Why are the companions (Guild) and the circle so Stereotypical and dumb? 1
Why are the npcs face half black when i edit them in npc editor and pick rough complexion(number 1? 2
Why can't my player equip armor after werewolf revert? 1
Why cant i change from third person to first person? 4
Why does my armor pop up into view when jumping in first-person? 1
Why does my controller not work??? 1
Why does my follow equip the armor i give her, then unequips it? 1
Why my game crush all the time? 2
Why my left hand when equipped with magic doesn't work? 1
why Sofia don't follow me? 1
Why wont my follower/hireling stop blocking when our weapons are drawn? 2
Why wont my skyrim read the dragonborn dlc? 1
Wierd.....? 1
Will the release date be universal? 2
Will using the console to go back to the race menu reset any stats? 1
Would I be able to run skyrim with these specs? 1

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